‘Breaking Amish’ Star Sabrina Burkholder Nearly Dies From Heroin Overdose

Breaking Amish star Sabrina Burkholder has revealed she nearly died after relapsing on heroin, RadarOnline.com has learned.

In a shocking Facebook post, Burkholder, 32, told friends she had a year sober from heroin when she was “in a mood” and wanted to get her hands on some drugs before her birthday in June.

“Sean got some molly and some heroin,” Burkholder said of her friend. “We did the molly and then Sean did some heroin and handed me a capful of it. I asked him if it was all for me because it looked like a lot. He was like ‘yeah happy birthday,’ so I mixed it up and shot it.”

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“I remember feeling very weird and that was my last concious [sic] thought. Half an hour later I woke up surrounded by paramedics. I remember seeing Jethro staring at me with tears running down his face.”

Burkholder went on to explain that her boyfriend Jethro Nolt was in a state of shock, and her friend performed CPR after her “heart had stopped beating.”

“Jethro was kneeling on the ground crying out to God to save me. Sean and Jethro both told me later that Sean tried to stop after he realized I was gone, but Jethro kept screaming at him to keep on going and wouldn’t let him stop giving me CPR,” Burkholder wrote.

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While she was unconscious, Burkholder wrote that she had died and gone to heaven for a moment and had seen her late mother.

“My mom put her arm around me and said ‘Why are you here you still have work to do.’ And I wanted to stay.”

She said she was administered Narcan twice before she was revived. Demi Lovato was similarly saved by Narcan after her July 24 overdose.

On August 4, Burkholder said she was headed to rehab.

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The reality mom has had her share of troubles with the law.

In May 2016, she was arrested by the Lancaster police department in Pennsylvania on a slew of drug charges.

According to cops, she sold an undercover police officer a Tylenol container containing nine stamp bags of heroin.

She was charged with manufacture of a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance, and criminal conspiracy, and served jail time.

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Maci Bookout Slams MTV Over Bristol Palin Casting: ‘We Were Never Called’

Maci Bookout is finally responding to Bristol Palin joining Teen Mom OG – and she isn’t happy with MTV! While on Kailyn Lowry and Lindsie Chrisley’s podcast Coffee Convos, Bookout reacted to the casting decision.

Jenelle Evans’ Husband Makes More Hateful Comments After Demanding MTV Re-Hire Him

jenelle evans husband david eason homophobic comments teen mom 2 firing

Jenelle Evans’ husband David Eason was fired from Teen Mom 2 after making a series of homophobic comments. After Evans demanded producers allow him to return next season, he continued his anti-hate tirade!

Housewives Scream In Horror On Boat Ride From Hell: ‘We Thought We Were Going To Die’

RHONY Recap Housewives Scream In Horror On Boat Ride From Hell

Wednesday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York aired footage of the cast’s infamous boat ride from hell in Colombia, where they screamed out in horror as their ship nearly capsized.

The ladies began their journey doing what they do best: sipping pink champagne and dancing in bikinis in paradise.

“This is our element and we are ready,” Sonja Morgan said.

But after a day spent on the private island where strained BFFs Carole Radziwill and Bethenny Frankel – and Luann de Lesseps and Dorinda Medley – fought and made up, the ladies abruptly were told they had to leave the island immediately due to “choppy” waters.

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At 3:15 p.m., what began as a bumpy boat ride turned into full-blown panic attacks from everyone on board as 15-foot waves crashed into the ship.

“This is not normal!” Morgan screamed in hysterics while peeing her pants. “This is like being on an airplane with one propeller.”

Meanwhile, Frankel was holding down Radziwill who was puking into a bucket on the back of the boat.

“I’m losing my mind!” Frankel yelled out in horror.

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Suddenly Medley smelled smoke and the ladies realized there was only one life jacket.

“I can’t swim!” Singer alerted her friends.

The footage immediately cut out and producers stopped filming for everyone’s safety.

After returning to land, de Lesseps recalled watching the captain climbing to the top of the boat with swords to cut off the anchor “a la Pirates of the Caribbean” style.

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“Because had it been on the chain the boat would have capsized and I wouldn’t be here to tell the story,” Singer said of the anchor. “We all would have been killed.”

Radziwill confessed the cast suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder once they returned to their mansion in Cartagena.

The housewives had already endured multiple verbal attacks from one another. Earlier in the trip, Medley mocked de Lesseps drunken arrest and accused her of planning to drink again.

Mortimer – who planned the South American vacation – admitted the trip was “not what we all hoped.”

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Medley dubbed the trip “an absolute shit show” while Frankel dubbed the boat a vessel “from hell.”

An insider previously told Radar the stars would be slapped with lawsuits if they sued Bravo for the nightmare cruise.

For more chaos, tune into The Real Housewives of New York on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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‘A**hole!’ Kathryn Slams Ashley During Explosive ‘Southern Charm’ Reunion Blowout

Southern Charm Reunion Kathryn Dennis Slams Ashley Jacobs

The latest episode of Southern Charm ended with Kathryn Dennis ripping into Ashely Jacobs after a season of venomous remarks and vicious feuds. At one point, Dennis even called Jacobs a “complete a**hole” when she refused to apologize for her hateful comments.

As RadarOnline.com readers know, Jacobs’ boyfriend, Thomas Ravenel was banned from the reunion after multiple women claimed he sexually assaulted them. Instead, his doting girlfriend went in his place, ready to face the cast in New York City.

Jacobs began by telling Andy Cohen that the assault allegations were “humbling” for Ravenel, and that she expected her man to be cleared in the investigation.

“It is all hearsay. He’s not been charged with anything, these are just allegations. It used to be ‘You’re innocent until proven guilty,’ and now you’re guilty until proven innocent,” Jacobs said.

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Despite the entire cast trying to tell her that Ravenel even treated her poorly, Jacobs dug her heels in and defended him.

“What are you doing with this douchebag?” Cohen asked her from a viewer’s question about Ravenel flirting with Dennis during the season.

“It didn’t bother me. I was standing right there,” Jacobs said.

“I thought his behavior was inappropriate,” said Craig Conover, with Dennis adding: “I felt awkward.”

“He was leering at her, I thought it was bulls**t on his part,” Shep Rose said.

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“He said ‘I love you’ in French to Kathryn,” Cameran Eubanks pointed out to Jacobs.

“That’s got to affect you, you’re a human being,” Rose said.

“It doesn’t. I wish I could say that. I’m so secure in this relationship. I’m not insecure, I know he’s coming home to me,” she replied.

In a long white dress and bright red lipstick, Jacobs told Cohen about her dramatic weight loss. “The pressure of filming made me nervous. Afterwards I had a hard time eating. It caused a lot of stress and I put a lot of pressure on myself. People saying I’m the villain. It didn’t happen overnight.”

Jacobs told the incredulous group that her biggest regret from the season was not attacking Dennis, but “going on that shopping trip with her [Patricia Altschul] when I should have gone with Kathryn.”

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Despite her attempt to divert the conversation, the cast continued to fixate on her shady relationship with Ravenel. They tried to prove to Jacobs he had a history of bad behavior, and brought up his argument with Chelsea Meissner.

“Whenever he gets completely unhinged and the mask falls, and he turns into this person where you just see black eyes and he’s foaming at the mouth,” Dennis said about the father of her children.

“He says the same thing about you,” Jacobs retorted.

“It’s not normal for a man to speak to a woman like that,” Eubanks said to Jacobs, but she leapt to his defense.

“He was worried about where we were going to stay. I was getting kicked out of the house, and he was protecting me,” replied Jacobs.

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“There’s nothing you can say to defend him,”Meissner said.

“It was ok for him to say ‘Shut the f**k’ up to Chelsea?” Austen Kroll asked.

“No,” Jacobs admitted.

“Have you ever seen anyone else talk to a girl like that ever?” Conover asked, and again she replied “No.”

“Has he talked to you like that? That concerns me,” Meissner said, and Eubanks said she thought Jacobs was “terrified of him.”

Jacobs tried to turn the conversation to Dennis’ friends “holding her accountable,” and said she almost missed her mandatory drug testing.

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“It is none of your f**king business to begin with. You really are so out of touch with the fact that you’re a complete a**hole,” Dennis slammed.

Jacobs finally admitted that she was “being a b***h,” and tried to apologize to Dennis.

“I can’t defend myself because my behavior was indefensible. It was frighteningly scary. I should have pulled you aside and had a private conversation,” she said. “I picked the worst time the worst place. I apologize that I didn’t pull you aside if I had these feelings.”

But Dennis didn’t accept the apology: “I’m glad you did what you did because you showed your true colors.”

Dennis pointed out that Jacobs “said even worse things to me than you said in Hilton Head,” and Jacobs apologized again, saying she “felt attacked” by Dennis at the season finale party when she said Dennis was an “egg donor.”

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“As a mother, f**k you for saying that. It’s not ok to say to any mother. To just keep saying it is so hurtful and disrespectful. I just feel bad for you that you can’t even see that. I hope that one day if you are ever a mother I hope you learn this. This is so hurtful. You’re around them and you say these things about me and to me.”

Dennis laid down the law with Jacobs. “As their mother, I would like you to not be around my children. Because I feel uncomfortable with it. You are an unkind hateful sadistic person. And unfortunately, if you need to have this message delivered to you like this I will deliver it. Thank you. That’s all I have to say to you. This has been so frustrating. Done.”

But Dennis did try to warn Jacobs that her relationship with Ravenel was unhealthy.

“I feel bad for you. I’m watching you be me years ago. I’m watching it unfold in front of me,” she said, and Eubanks echoed her sentiment.

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“He’s been not a nice person. I think you’re telling yourself these things. Save yourself and go back to California and give yourself a nice life while you can.”

Even Conover said: “You don’t look healthy. You’re exactly where Kathryn was,” and Jacobs asked if it was an “intervention.”

“Charleston is a small town and from what we hear y’all do not have a happy relationship,” Eubanks told Jacobs. “From what we hear it’s pretty volatile and not good.”

“And not your fault,” Conover told her.

Cohen described the story Meissner told of Ravenel throwing leftovers at Jacobs outside a restaurant.

“No, he did not throw it at me,” Jacobs said. “He was upset because I was leaving and I handed him the food and I was being a brat and I handed him the food. It was my fault. I was being a brat.”

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“You just took the blame for Thomas yelling at you,” Conover pointed out.

“It’s a red flag Ashley,” Eubanks warned. She also told Jacobs his actions were “F***ed up. That’s not normal. He’s baiting you.”

But Jacobs refused to admit there were cracks in the relationship and tearfully told a producer that she was not ready to “throw in the towel” with Ravenel.

As Radar exclusively reported, Jacobs headed to California the day before the final reunion episode aired, without Ravenel.

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Mackenzie McKee’s Mom Angie Douthit Releasing Book, ‘God’s Plan,’ About Battle With Lung Cancer

In June, Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee revealed her mother Angie Douthit had been diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer. Rather than keep the devastating news a secret, Mackenzie’s mom decided to share her incredible story of perseverance with fans in a new book, entitled God’s Plan.

The book will document Angie’s cancer battle from the fateful day she was diagnosed and through her road to recovery and healing. It will be “a moving account of one woman’s heroic journey to love harder, discover divine purpose, and inspire the masses.”

Angie teamed up with celebrity manager Gina Rodriguez to bring her story to print. Thanks to Gina, Angie is working on telling her story with the help of celebrity ghostwriter Ardre Orie, who is also the CEO of 13th & Joan Publishing, which is producing the book.

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“At 13th & Joan Publishing, we vow to tell the stories of our souls. Angie’s story is an exception to the rule,” Ardre told Radaronline exclusively. “She has given a new face to the strength of a person fighting to persevere and a true testament to faith. Our goal with this project is to honor Angie’s life and her ability to teach us all about love. She’s an example of a walking miracle and the world must know her story.”

Angie’s daughter Mackenzie is even writing the book’s Foreward. “Our entire family has been on quite the journey. Through it all, we’ve learned that faith is the ultimate remedy,” Mackenzie shared. “We’ve been walking in faith and documenting this miraculous journey. It is our prayer that by telling this story of love and faith and healing that everyone will be blessed and inspired!”

God’s Plan will be officially released on September 11, 2018. It is currently available for presale. To order your copy and to receive updates about Angie’s book tour, visit 13thandjoan.com/AngieDouthit/.

To hear more about Mackenzie’s mom’s new book, listen to our Teen Mom Time podcast below!

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Dorinda Says Luann Planned To Drink Again Months After Assault Arrest: ‘She Told Me!’

RHONY Dorinda Medley Says Luann de Lesseps Planned To Drink Again Months After Arrest

Dorinda Medley claimed Luann de Lesseps planned on drinking again just months after she was arrested for drunkenly assaulting a cop.

On Wednesday night’s The Real Housewives of New York, Medley claimed de Lesseps told her directly that she would return to boozing shortly after she came home from rehab.

“She’ll be drinking in three months! She already told me,” Medley shouted out on camera.

As Radar readers know, the Countess checked into rehab for a second time in early July.

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The drinking accusations began when de Lesseps critiqued Medley for becoming “aggressive” while drinking margaritas during a dinner in Cartegena, Colombia. Medley reacted by poking fun at de Lesseps’ 2017 arrest, claiming she was the last person who should be giving advice on drinking too much.

“I didn’t get a mug shot over it!” a boozed up Medley shouted while pointing a finger in the Countess’s face.

The heated debate resulted in de Lesseps storming out of the dinner.

“I’m sick to my stomach,” de Lesseps told co-star Bethenny Frankel. “She called me a convict. Her true colors just came out.”

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Frankel ultimately took de Lesseps’ side and revealed that she believes Medley is the one with a drinking problem – an accusation she made earlier in the season.

As Radar readers know, de Lesseps skipped a plea conference hearing on Wednesday, July 25 because of her return to rehab.

De Lesseps’ attorney filed documents this week pleading for the judge to sentence her to probation instead of jail time.

Also on the episode, Frankel and Carole Radziwill fought over their broken friendship. Frankel told her former best friend that their relationship was “slowly” eroding.

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“I don’t think you really like me,” Frankel said to Radziwill. “Everything is so cool, you’re so cool, you’re just too cool for me.”

Radziwill told the camera she felt she was in an “abusive relationship” with the Skinnygirl founder.

“I can’t have this energy,” Radziwill told Frankel.

The nasty fight between the frenemies continues on next week’s episode. The Real Housewives of New York airs on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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