Javi Says Baby Mama Is Not Filming ‘Teen Mom 2:’ ‘She Doesn’t Want To Be On Camera’

javi marroquin baby mama not filming teen mom 2

Javi Marroquin‘s baby mama Lauren Comeau has moved into his Delaware home, but that doesn’t mean fans will see more of her. The Teen Mom 2 dad revealed exclusively to RadarOnline.com that she has no plans to appear on the MTV series.

Leah’s Nightmare: Messer Reveals Daughter Ali Gets Bullied In School Over Disability

leah messer special needs daughter bullied teen mom 2 recap

Leah Messer‘s daughter Ali suffers from muscular dystrophy – and her condition is getting worse. On this week’s Teen Mom 2, Messer opened up about her daughter’s struggles.

While on vacation in Hawaii with co-star Kailyn Lowry, Messer explained how Ali “has had a lot of trouble recently.”

“Her challenges are more visible than they have been before,” she told Lowry. “She’s been getting really, really tired, needing her wheelchair more.”

Messer added how she is even bullied at school.

“Kids have been making fun of Ali at school to Aleeah,” Messer said. “‘Your sister walks like this.’ Aleeah got angry, punched her book and was crying. Aleeah is having a hard time understanding what’s going on. She needs a lot of our attention so she’s being mean to Ali.”

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She then admitted, “I don’t know how to raise a special needs child.”

When Messer called baby daddy Corey Simms to check in on the girls, he told her how she got sick while she has been gone.

“She hasn’t been feeling well for a while,” Messer said. “This has to be the most f**ked up disorder.”

Lowry then confided in Messer herself. She explained how the father of her youngest son Lux, Chris Lopez, asked about their son. In seven months, it’s the second time he’s asked about their child.

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“That’s horrible,” Lowry said. “I made sure I arranged Chris to get his supervised visit tomorrow. He posted a picture with the baby in my bed when the baby was a month old. He just posted it the other day. Please don’t be an Instagram dad.”

Also on the episode, Javi Marroquin showed up to ex-girlfriend Briana DeJesus‘ plastic surgery to take care of her. But she wasn’t happy with the surprise, as she already asked her ex-boyfriend Dre to help her after Marroquin went on ex-wife Lowry’s podcast to discuss their split.

“I’m sorry for the podcast,” Marroquin said, as she responded, “I don’t know why you went on there. You hit her up.”

Marroquin the fired, “How am I not allowed to get mad at you when you have your ex-boyfriend come and take care of you when it should’ve been me?”

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She explained how she only called him because he went on the podcast.

“I’m doing a lot of fighting for whatever it is that’s left,” he said. “I have someone saying they will move to Dover to give us a shot.”

She then told him to leave and called him a “piece of s**t.”

“You gave me a ring, you said you want me to move down there, then all of a sudden you throw it in my face that you have someone willing to do the same thing,” she said.

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He replied, “If I wanted to fill that void I can, but I’m not settling. I’m here for you. If I wanted to settle I can, I don’t. No one makes me feel like you make me feel.”

Then in North Carolina, Jenelle Evans‘ baby daddy Nathan Griffith explained to his girlfriend Ashley that he is filing for full custody of Kaiser.

“I don’t feel safe with him around the other person,” he said of Evans’ husband David Eason. “I want to fight for him and go head on.”

Griffith then got a call from Evans’ mom Barbara who told him, “Jace came home from Jenelle’s and told me David got very angry at Kaiser. Kaiser said, ‘I have to pee,’ and David said, ‘No you don’t.’ He peed on David. Jace said he spanked him so hard, Kaiser was crying. Jace said to me, ‘He spanks him all the time.’”

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“Kaiser told me several incidents, I don’t know how to deal with it,” he told her before making lunch plans.

At lunch, he said how Kaiser never wants to go home because there is “no yelling or screaming” at his house.

“I want more visitation, I don’t want supervision,” he said. “I want Jenelle and David to pass a psychological evaluation and a drug test. I think David needs a psychological evaluation.”

They then brought up Eason’s gun use.

“I am strongly against unless a kid can understand the consequences of guns,” Griffith said. “I try to keep calm. I’m extremely pissed off. I feel like a horrible dad. I’m hopeless.”

And finally, Chelsea Houska and Adam Lind‘s second baby mama, Taylor Halbur, brought their daughters bowling.

“It’s been four or five months since they’ve seen each other, which is a long time, but it’s better than nothing,” Houska explained.

Teen Mom 2 airs Mondays at 9/8c on MTV.

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‘I Will Propose!’ Javi Marroquin Tells All On Engagement After Baby Mama Moves In

javi marroquin proposal details lauren comeau baby boy gender reveal teen mom 2

A baby boy isn’t the only thing Javi Marroquin and his girlfriend Lauren Comeau are looking forward to! The Teen Mom 2 dad exclusively revealed to RadarOnline.com that he’s planning to propose to his baby mama.

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‘Teen Mom’ Star Javi Marroquin & Pregnant Girlfriend Lauren Celebrate Gender Reveal Party — Find Out If It’s A Girl Or A Boy!

Javi Marroquin Gender Reveal Party Galpal Expecting Baby

Javi Marroquin and his pregnant girlfriend Lauren Comeau had an exciting day at their gender reveal party — and RadarOnline.com has the exclusive photos! Kailyn Lowry‘s ex Marroquin got back together with Comeau after a split. In May, he confirmed her pregnancy to Radar. Find out if the couple is expecting a boy or a girl in Radar’s gallery!

Divorce Drama! Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra Tell All On Splitting After Cryptic Posts

catelynn lowell tyler baltierra divorce talk dr oz appearance teen mom og

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are appearing on The Dr. Oz Show to discuss their battle with depression. But in a sneak peek, the Teen Mom 2 stars also open up about divorcing amid split speculation.

In the clip, Dr. Mehmet Oz said, “When the series first launched, you guys were 16. It’s almost 10 years. We’ve followed them through battles with depression and most recently, a heartbreaking miscarriage.”

When Dr. Oz asked, “Tyler, Catelynn has used the word divorce, have any of you considered that?” the couple looked at each other.

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He then explained how he would be giving them an “exclusive intervention.”

The clip comes after months of divorce speculation. After Lowell, 26, completed two back-to-back stints in rehab for depression and suicidal thoughts following a devastating miscarriage, Baltierra, 26, found himself struggling with depression and anxiety. He has recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, he admitted at the Teen Mom OG reunion.

Lowell changed her last name on social media to her maiden name, while Baltierra has been channeling his feelings through cryptic poetry.

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“That pathetic f**k up who got famous just for f**kin his girlfriend and getting her knocked up, man I can’t wait for this show to finally end,” he wrote. “That mother**ker’s gotta get a job even though I doubt that he could & he’s gotta leave that broad if he ever wants to be heard.”

A source previously told Radar, “Everything is not okay. When I ask either Cate or Ty how they’re doing, they make no mention of the spouse. It’s weird because they’ve never dodged questions like that before.”

Lowell posted over the weekend, “I’m scared of the future. I’m scared of the past. I’m nervous at the moment.” She then added, “I’m so scared right now… but I know that everything that is supposed to happen will happen… whatever my destiny is will be… I got this… I’m strong…”

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The couple got married in August 2015. They have denied divorce rumors.

Do you think they’re headed for divorce? Tell us in the comments!

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Kids In Danger? Jenelle Evans Breaks Law By Not Putting Fence Around In-Ground Pool

jenelle evans breaks north Carolina law no fence around pool teen mom 2

Jenelle Evans continues to break the law, but this time it could be putting her children in danger. RadarOnline.com can exclusively reveal the Teen Mom 2 star is apparently breaking North Carolina law by not having a fence around her in-ground pool.

Jenelle Evans’ 911 Calls Exposed Amid Custody Crisis: ‘They’re Keeping Him From Me!’

jenelle evans 911 call custody case nathan griffith child abuse accusations teen mom 2

Nathan Griffith and his mom Doris Davidson refused to return Kaiser to mom Jenelle Evans after noticing alarming bruise marks on the 4-year-old during a weekend visit. Now, RadarOnline.com can exclusively reveal three frantic 911 calls made by the Teen Mom 2 star.

In the first 911 call obtained from Horry County in South Carolina, Evans called authorities on Sunday, July 1 to report that Griffith and Davidson refused to return Kaiser.

“The grandparent and my ex are trying to keep my son,” Evans, 26, told the 911 operator. “I have primary custody and he has every other weekend. They were supposed to meet me at 5pm at the gas station and now they’re trying to say, ‘Oh since he has a bruise on him we’re going to keep him and not give him back to you.’”

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Evans continued that she has proof of their custody agreement and that they did not file an emergency custody order.

“I have primary custody,” she explained. “The father has supervised visits. He’s not even allowed to have him unsupervised. They’re trying to keep him from me!”

In a second call, she asked police to perform a wellness check on her son because she couldn’t get in touch with him during the Child Protective Services and Department of Social Services investigation.

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“Over the weekend he got a bruise on his butt,” she explained to the operator. “No one called me about it, but they called and made a police report. DSS is trying to investigate and hold my child at their house.”

She continued, “I’ve been trying to call my child all day, but no one answers the phone. We’re waiting on DSS to finish their investigation and no one will contact me from DSS. They won’t answer to let me talk to my child. I want to send an officer there to see if he’s okay and make sure everything is okay.”

As Radar previously reported, Evans was able to pick her son up on Tuesday, July 3. In the third 911 call, she asked for a police escort during the custody exchange.

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“CPS of Columbus County advised me I should have an officer there in case the grandmother gets mad,” Evans explained to the operator. “Over the weekend she tried accusing my husband of child abuse, she had called DSS. They just left my house and told me go get my son. They said take an escort because the grandma might not be happy.”

Griffith, 30, called police on Friday, June 29 and Sunday, July 1 to report child abuse. In the 911 call obtained by Radar, Griffith told authorities, “I received my child and he has marks all over him. We asked him about it and he said [Evans’ husband] David hit him with a stick.”

After an investigation, Davidson was forced to hand Kaiser over to Evans and her husband David Eason. Eason recorded the exchange on Instagram live.

“Say bye to grandma Kaiser… Bye Doris, you’re so lovely,” he said. “She said get off her property. She’s going to have me arrested! F**king ugly b***h. Try to take my kid away from me again!”

PHOTOS: Nathan’s Child Abuse 911 Call On Jenelle Exposed: ‘Kaiser Has Marks All Over!’

The custody battle started in September 2017 when Davidson filed an emergency request for full custody of Kaiser. She accused Evans of testing positive for marijuana at the time of her daughter Ensley’s birth. She also accused Evans and Eason of neglect and abuse.

“There have been several occasions when the proposed Intervenor has seen bruising and markings on the minor child that are unusual and more than normal scrapes that a toddler may have than a two/three year old should have,” Davidson wrote in the documents obtained by Radar. “On April 28, 2017, there was bruising on the minor child’s back. On March 31, 2017 there was a bruise on the minor child’s chest of a fingerprint which appeared as though a finger had been pressed firmly into the minor child’s chest as well as along the minor child’s left arm appearing that he had been jerked by the arm.”

Who do you think should get custody of Kaiser? Tell us in the comments.

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