Javi Marroquin Blasts Kailyn Lowry Relationship As ‘Dead To Me’

Javi Marroquin Says Kailyn Lowry Is Bitter Dead To Me

Kailyn Lowry’s ex-husband Javi Marroquin slammed her before rushing to girlfriend Briana DeJesus’ side for another weekend of love. The Teen Mom 2 dad, the father of Lowry’s son Lincoln, took to Twitter on Friday night to write, “Someone’s bitter and can’t move on from shit that happened almost 2 years ago. #yesterdayspaper #MarriageBootCamp #move on”

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He then blasted Lowry with another tweet, noting, “Have more important things to worry about right now than a past relationship that’s dead to me. Lincoln is the only thing keeping it alive. Which I’m blessed for don’t get me wrong. But him, that’s it.”

Then Marroquin and new love, his co-star DeJesus, Tweeted back and forth about getting together for the weekend, with the mom of two worrying the snow would hold him back. “If this snow cancels baes flight for tomorrow morning…I might cry lol,” DeJesus tweeted on Friday.

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But on Saturday morning, Marroquin tweeted to his galpal, “Bae is here,”with a heart-faced emoji. Apparently his plane had just landed. Marroquin and DeJesus have been spending so much time together lately that one follower objected via Twitter, “Hope you spend as much time being a father as you do flying to see “BAE”. The kids are all that should matter. Not just when they’re convenient.”

DeJesus shocked viewers and co-stars by taking up with Lowry’s ex, Marroquin — but RadarOnline.com had the story first! DeJesus and Lowry have been locked in an explosive feud ever since.

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The drama began when DeJesus revealed on Twitter that she and Lowry “aren’t friends” and “never were” when she got backlash for dating her co-star’s ex-husband. Recently, DeJesus and Marroquin celebrated his son Lincoln’s fourth birthday together and shared their joy about the party on social media. It struck many as provocative as Lincoln is Marroquin’s son with Lowry.

Last weekend, Marroquin and DeJesus rubbed his ex Lowry’s nose in their romance by posting a photo of the two of them kissing. DeJesus took to Instagram to share the photo with all their fans last Saturday.

This weekend, both DeJesus and her man made it clear they were going to spend a fun weekend together, possibly attending the Eagles game together as both enjoy watching sports.

Meanwhile, Lowry is raising her three sons by three different men, Lincoln from Marroquin, Isaac from her relationship with former beau Jo Rivera and baby Lux from ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez. Although Lowry and Marroquin tried to work out their issues on Marriage Boot Camp, she has accused him in the past of using her for fame, among other things.

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So far, Lowry hasn’t responded to Marroquin and DeJesus’ latest tweets, instead posing a holiday picture of herself with the three boys. Lowry has previously said she was cutting all ties with her ex-husband and said they were in a bad place.

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Teresa Confronts Kim D After Co-Star Spreads Cheating Rumors Of Her & Husband Joe

rhonj recap teresa giudice kim d fight cheating

This Wednesday’s episode of Real Housewives Of New Jersey, Kim D invited the ladies to her annual Posche fashion show. This year, she held the event in honor of her friends Tones and Aaron: the two fathers who were shot in the head back in March.

The Fight

Teresa Giudice saw the ritzy shows as the perfect place to confront Kim D for the infidelity comments she made about her and her husband Joe Giudice two years ago!

“Kim said Teresa is rekindling an old flame with one of her exes. Now she finally sees I was right about Kim,” Melissa said. “Once again she’s up to her old tricks.”

Melissa Gorga feared that this could get Teresa back into trouble.

“Teresa is in a situation right now where she really shouldn’t be going to these types of places or where there could be any type of danger of any sort,” Melissa expressed. “Because Teresa can’t get into any trouble right now; if she does, she goes away again.”

Needless to say, Teresa was keen on talking to Kim D – And things did not turn out well.

Teresa, along with Melissa, Siggy Flicker and Delores Catania showed up at the Waterside Restaurant in Bergen, New Jersey where Kim D was huddled with Danielle Staub and other friends.

Kim D welcomed them, but Teresa got right to it and told Kim she was there to talk.

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“Are we all going to talk at the same time, or are we going to talk one on one?” Kim asked, signaling to the women surrounding Teresa.

“Are they scaring you, these three ladies?” Teresa replied, to which Kim replied “No, I’m not afraid at all.”

Teresa told Kim she heard from Delores all the rumors that she had been spreading about her.

“Listen, nobody is going to talk about my husband or me!” Teresa exclaimed.

Kim D replied with “too f**king bad” admitting to spreading those rumors, which then set off a firestorm.

“Did you see him f**king another girl?!” Teresa asked. Kim said she didn’t, but what would follow were insults hurled at one another. Kim D attacks Teresa for going out to nightclubs every night while she has a family at home.

“I have girls — models here that saw you going out to clubs every freaking night!” Kim said.

“You’re a dirty b*tch!” Teresa screamed at Kim, as she returned the insult.

“I want to f**king straighten you out right now!” Teresa yelled.

After shouting over each other, for what seemed like hours, Teresa took the feud a step further, and began throwing wine glasses at Kim, later storming out with Melissa. She was shocked that Delores and Siggy decided to stay.

“You are all Kim’s puppets!” Teresa yelled as she walked out, feeling like two of her friends had just stabbed her in the back.

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Kim D told security Teresa was not allowed back in.

The Make Up

Earlier in the show — before the big fight — Melissa invited Delores and Siggy along with her and Teresa to a trip to Milan for some girl fun. However, their Italian adventure was almost halted following Siggy and Delores’ decision to stay behind and walk in Kim D’s fashion show.

Frank Catania sat down with Siggy and Dolores at a nearby restaurant to talk about Teresa and Kim’s catfight. Frank sided with Teresa and encouraged them to apologize.

Siggy later showed up to Teresa’s house to explain her reasoning for sticking out the rest of the show.

“I want you to know the that in Kim D’s store I defended you and defended your family.” Siggy said. “What she said was disgusting and below the belt and I’m saying it, I don’t agree with it.”

“I’m there for a charity event for three kids who lost their fathers. I didn’t care about Kim D. I didn’t want to disappoint the victims’ families upstairs.”

Teresa calmed down and told Siggy she understood. However, she was still hesitant about Delores.

“I’m starting to sense a pattern with Delores; she doesn’t have my back. Like how many chances do you give someone before you realize they don’t care about you?” Teresa wondered.

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Connecting With The Dead

In another scene, Joe Gorda confided in Melissa that he wanted to hire a medium to reconnect with his mother, Antonia, who passed away in March at the age of 66 after suffering from Pneumonia.

“I’m hoping the medium could connect me with my mother — that there is another life and I’ll feel better,” he told her.

The medium, named Concetta showed up to Joe and Melissa’s house where Teresa was also present, and gave them an emotional session.

Concetta told Teresa and Joe that Antonia wanted them to know that “She is home and she is at peace, and not to be upset for her. She had the most wonderful life.”

“I still need her,” Teresa said between sobs.

“Your mother is telling you about your dad,” Concetta said. “She is worried about him. This is a man who is saying things to her — asking her and wishing for himself to join her. She wants him to know and she asks you tell him ‘don’t be in a hurry’ some day you will be together again.”

“I do believe the medium is talking to my mom. Because I know my mom would want my dad to stay here with me,” Teresa revealed. “I want my mom here, I want to touch her, I want to hug her. It’s still very painful for me.”

In the next RHONJ episode, the women take a trip to Milan! And things look like they take a turn for the worst for Siggy and Danielle Staub.

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Stay with Radar for updates on the insane drama of the Real Housewives Of New Jersey.

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Vicki Apologizes To Tamra After Year Of Brutal Feuding: ‘I Totally Surrender’

The latest episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County ended in tears, yelling and the f-bomb, of course.

Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge finally made up after a year of yelling at each other, but it took some painful arguing for them to finally get there.

Judge admitted that she and Gunvalson had started to repair their relationship, but that quickly turned into a fight. “It was a good feeling. Seeing the last 3 episodes is hope. It is just so good,” she said but Shannon Beador stuck her nose in the fight. “It wasn’t genuine,” Beador said speaking of Gunvalson’s apology to Judge after calling her husband Eddie gay.

“I went back and forth because I have a long history with Vicki and I don’t want to believe she’s out there spreading these rumors,” Judge told Andy Cohen about her feelings for Gunvalson.

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“I never went after your marriage,” Gunvalson insisted, and Judge accused her of lying.

“You lied. Don’t go there with me. I got conned [by Brooks],” Gunvalson yelled.

Cohen asked Beador why she was inserting herself into the argument. “I would get calls from Tamra once a week about stories leaked by you about Eddie being gay,” she said to Gunvalson.

“Remember all these flipping phone calls, I don’t want her to get hurt again. I told her over and over again if you want to be friends with Vicki I support it. I’m not jealous,” Beador explained.

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Gunvalson said that she hoped to be friend with Beador again too, but that wasn’t warmly received. “I would hope that we can move on. That is what I tried to do. I have completely made mistakes but they’re not innocent over there. I made a mistake.”

A snippy Beador quipped “That was a big a** mistake.”

Gunvalson said she felt bad for Beador, telling Cohen: “I don’t want her to go through this divorce.”

Gunvalson also insisted that she wasn’t homophobic and accused Judge of saying that about her and the drama exploded!

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“I said your actions are homophobic,” Judge insisted. “You’re a liar.”

Gunvalson replied “You’re a liar! You called me homophobic,” and Judge stuck her fingers in her ears and yelled “You’re a liar!”

Gunvalson dismissed her, saying: “That doesn’t look good on you,” and Judge retorted: “Nothing looks good on you.”

A smirking Beador laughed and said “Wow,” while Gunvalson stormed off the set.

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“I’m not going back out there,” she said back in her dressing room. “They can f**k themselves. I’m off this damn show.”

Lydia McLaughlin went back stage and talked Gunvalson into going back. “You have hurt her and she has hurt you and you’re both strong women.”

Judge ripped into Gunvalson. “Can’t you just apologize and mean it? Why can’t you just apologize and mean it?”

“I’m sorry,” a tearful Gunvalson said. “What are you sorry for,” Judge pressed.

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“You want me to go through my litany of things?” Gunvalson said.

Judge cried: “I want you to talk from our heart. If you come after my family like that. It is very hurtful.”

Gunvalson acquiesced: “I’m sorry I won’t talk about it ever again. I promise you. I’m sorry. I totally surrender I’m sorry.” She even said she offered Judge an olive branch. “When you had that situation with Sidney just a month ago I reached out to you.”

Gunvalson also said she wanted to apologize to Judge’s husband. “I never meant for it to get [there.]”

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She added: “I don’t know if it is fair enough to ask you. I want you to stop saying I was in on the cancer scam. I was scammed. The amount of time and money that I spent on that man that I’ll never get back.”

And Judge agreed. “I will never say another word.”

Judge and Gunvalson hugged, and a crying Gunvalson said: “I love you. I really am sorry. I don’t want to hurt you. And Shannon I want to hug you too and ask for your forgiveness. I’m sorry. I know it is gonna get bumpy for you. I’ve been through it twice,” she said about Beador’s divorce while the three of them hugged.

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“Can we go somewhere and get ten shots,” a crying Beador said.

Judge then asked Gunvalson to sit on her couch, ending their feud for good!

The rest of the reunion was less dramatic. Meghan Edmonds revealed that she was pregnant with a boy. Beador slammed McLaughlin, accusing her of starting fights for a story line. “Make yourself relevant Lydia,” she said and McLaughlin replied: “You’re being crazy right now I feel like.”

Beador’s broken marriage was hardly discussed, with Judge telling Cohen Beador’s bad behavior throughout the season was a result of her misery. “She was in denial and she didn’t want to admit her marriage was over.”

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Peggy Sulahian tried to get Beador to apologize to her after a season of ugly exchanges, to no avail. She explained that her cancer diagnosis was raw and not adequately expressed.

“I was in denial that I had cancer. When people were asking me, I had to reach down deep,” Sulahian said.

Gunvalson came to her defense. “When she told me she had a double mastectomy, that was it.”

Kelly Dodd and Edmonds sparred over their text fight, with Edmonds saying she was justified in sending the message asking if Dodd was having an affair but Dodd was not justified in asking her if her husband, Jim, was cheating on her.

“We said sorry! I thought we were done,” Dodd exclaimed to Edmonds, who attacked her.

“Why are you so damaged?” Edmonds asked Dodd. “I’m not damaged. Instead of spreading gossip which is wrong, you should be worrying about your baby,” Dodd said, referring to the fight they had at the Drag Queen Bingo blowout.

The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion showed old friendships back in place and Cohen and the women doing a toast as season 12 came to an end!

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Kris Jenner Compares Daughters’ Pregnancies To A ‘Faucet’ That Won’t Turn Off

Did Kris Jenner just confirm Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashians pregnancies?

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians momager shocked fans this Sunday evening when she spoke out about her many grandkids during an episode of her hit show.

“One of my favorite traditions during the holidays is to shop for all the kids for Christmas — and now, it’s extra special because I get to shop for all the grandkids,” she said. “It never seems to end, which is exciting.”

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As the family gathered for a sweet Christmas dinner, everyone went around saying what they were thankful for.

Kim Kardashian – who is expecting a baby girl via surrogate – said “I don’t know if I’m thankful for the calm before the storm next year with the new baby. And I’m thankful that we have family here!”

Khloe – who is also reportedly expecting her first child with boyfriend Tristan Thompson – added “I think I’m thankful for having so many different generations here. I think it’s so cool.”

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To fans’ disappointment, pregnant Kylie didn’t address her baby rumors, but she did take the time to thank her mom for all that she does. “I don’t know what I would do without you,” she said.

To that, a teary-eyed Kris replied: “I used to pray that one of you guys would have a baby. And now it’s like a faucet that that we turned on and it won’t turn off, so the fact that I have all these grandchildren — it’s been the most amazing journey to watch your kids [have kids]. It’s truly the meaning of life.”

Do you think that was Kris Jenner’s way of confirming Khloe and Kylie’s pregnancies? Sound off in the comments below.

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Troubled Catelynn Lowell Tweets She is ‘Thankful for LIFE’ From Treatment

Catelynn Lowell has tweeted from treatment after having suicidal thoughts. After wishing her followers happy Thanksgiving, the Teen Mom OG star stressed her gratitude at living, writing on Twitter, “Today I am thankful for LIFE and thankful for my daughters!!!!”


Lowell and her husband Tyler Baltierra, who took to social media to say how much he misses her while she gets help, are raising their second daughter after giving up their first in an open adoption.

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Fans are concerned about Lowell but one named Joanne was heartened to see her holiday message, writing a response on Twitter, “God Bless you sweetie! I hope you’re feeling better & treatment is helping! You’re stronger & braver than you know! ((((HUGS)))).”

Another named MeLanie wrote, “There’s no words to get someone out of depression. If it was as easy to be thankful for this and that, we’d all be cured. It’s a struggle. But know you are more powerful than the feeling. You CAN overcome this. You ARE worthy. You are NOT alone.”

As Radar has reported, Baltierra tweeted on Thanksgiving that the holiday was going to be hard without his wife Lowell as she remains in treatment.

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He wrote sadly, “‘It’s going to be a rough holiday without being able to kiss her & tells her how thankful I am for her.”

Lowell , 25,stunned Teen Mom OG fans recently with a desperate cry for help, tweeting that she was going into a facility, writing, “Well today I thought of every way to kill myself.. so I’m going to treatment.”

She also revealed grim details about her suicidal thoughts exclusively to Radar, saying, “I’m taking the time I need right now to take good care of myself. On November 17th I thought of every way possible to commit suicide, from wrapping a belt around my neck to just running my car into an electric pole.”

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Via Twitter, Baltierra said he dropped Lowell off at the treatment facility and shared on social media, “My life would be desolate without her.”

He also wrote,  “Incredibly proud of my wife…when she thought she had no choices left, she reached out & decided to LIVE today!….You are beautiful, strong, worthy, & loved.”

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Baltierra and Lowell married in 2015 and had another child together, daughter Novalee, after famously giving up their first baby, daughter Carolyn, for adoption. The Baltierras recently visited their first girl.

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Kashing In On Kids! Kardashians Take Financial Meeting To Talk Branding New Babies

kardashian jenner kids branding scheme

With six grandchildren and three more on the way, the Kar-Jenner’s are going through a series of major meetings in order to set up a game plan on how they’ll cash in on all the kids, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively!

“The family had a meeting to game plan for what they’re doing financially with the new babies on the way,” a source revealed. The famous family put their heads together to figure out “how they’re going to brand the children.”

The big question is whether they should create separate brands or a group brand.

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Kris said they’ve been in it together since day one so she thinks it’s a good idea to combine the kids,” meaning “one brand for all product lines.”

Kylie, who is pregnant with Travis Scott‘s baby, “doesn’t want territories to be crossed,” says the insider, as the makeup guru “has been annoyed that her makeup line has been linked with Kim’s, so she expressed that she thinks they need to be clear on the categories.”

As for Khloe, who is currently carrying pro baller boyfriend Tristan Thompson‘s child, initially didn’t want her baby involved.

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But per usual, Kris “basically guilt-tripped” Khloe saying “how she could do that to her child — this is their legacy!”

Meanwhile, the only brother of the family has been snubbed. “Rob has been upset his daughter Dream isn’t a part of it.”

“The family has told him they don’t think it’s fair for Chyna to have a piece of pie.”

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Baby Blues! Pregnant Kylie Can’t Stop Crying: ‘She’s At A Low Point’

Kylie Jenner Pregnant Weight Gain

Kylie Jenner is not loving life as a mom-to-be!

A source close to the 20-year-old — who is expecting a daughter with new boyfriend Travis Scott, 27 — told RadarOnlline.com exclusively that the makeup mogul is at “a very low point right now. She is really bummed out.”

As Radar previously reported, selfie-queen Jenner just can’t come to grips with her expanding body.

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“She is horrified at how her body has ballooned up, and it really bothers her that she cannot fit into any of her clothes,” the insider claimed. “She thinks that she looks hideous right now.”

Instead of opting for healthy meals, Jenner has been indulging in junk food as she remains miserable at home.

And fans shouldn’t expect the plastic princess to emerge anytime soon.

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Kylie doesn’t even want to leave the house right now and is telling her family that she is going to stay inside until she is skinny again,” the source told Radar.

“She’s also terrified about becoming a mom because she doesn’t know how to raise a baby! She just wants this whole pregnancy thing to be over, but she knows that she still has a long way to go.”

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