Shannon Breaks Down In Tears After Learning David May Have Romanced GF While Still Married

Season 13 of The Real Housewives of Orange County aired tonight, and it’s clear that the drama is not over for soon-to-be divorced beauty Shannon Beador!

Radar was the first to report that Shannon’s cheating ex-husband, David Beador, moved on from the 54-year-old with much-younger flame, Lesley Cook. What readers didn’t know, however, is that the two may have hooked up while he was still married to Shannon!

“I know you saw the social media post that came out this week. It’s understandable that at some point he is going to move on, but to know that I am so easily replaceable within a couple months hurt a lot,” Shannon told co-star Vicki Gunvalson when the frenemies met up for coffee.

“I found out two days after it came out that he has a girlfriend that is 20 years younger than him. She is one of 3,000 young girls that want some guy to take care of her. After a lot of crying and a lot of tears I am excited for where this year is going to take me.”

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While Vicki handled Shannon with care after her meltdown, BFF Tamra Judge gave her some tough love when the two got together for Shannon’s wedding removal ceremony.

“That is the thing that is so frustrating. You are married for 17 years and you find out that your husband is already with someone,” Shannon said before Tamra dropped the bombshell.

“After I found out that David had a girlfriend I started stalking her and I found out that they had been communicating as far back as even when they were married,” Tamra said in her confessional.

Tamra then confronted Shannon, telling her that David was commenting on Lesley’s posts in October—when the two were still hitched. “I wouldn’t put it past him,” replied Shannon. “Wait, he was?”

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“I feel bad for Shannon. But honestly, he’s moved on. It’s time for her to move on. Sign the divorce papers and figure out the next part of your life,” Tamra said of her crying friend.

But Shannon clearly had a tough time coping with the loss.

“It is so disappointing that after 20 years with David, my family is breaking up. David and I went from 14,000 square feet and now I am in 4,000 square feet.

“The girls know about the affair in David and my marriage. Each daughter is different with their emotions but I know they want to see me happy and they want to see their father happy and they just haven’t seen that yet,” Shannon said in her confessional.

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“There seems to be a lot of bitterness. David and I communicate via text and email and they aren’t pleasant,” she admitted. “I will just leave it at that.”

Although Tamra did everything she could to console Shannon, she eventually had to leave her devastated pal to deal with her own troubles. As Radar readers know, the blonde stunner’s husband Eddie Judge had to undergo heart surgery after months of cardiac issues, just as the couple was trying to move into their new home!

“Eddie was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation about three months ago. He had noticed that his heart rate was getting up to 240-260 beats a minute while he was working out, which is dangerous. So they are going in catharizing part of his heart. He is a machine and his body is letting him down at the age of 45,” Tamra revealed during her confessional.

But it wasn’t until she began chatting with her mom that Tamra broke down in tears.

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“Eddie told me that he just keeps thinking about the mortality rate. He goes, this is not how I am going to die. I am like ‘You’re not going to die,’” Tamra told her mother as tears ran down her face.

As Tamra dealt with her life issues, another friend ran to Shannon’s side—but not gladly.

Kelly Doddwho also went through a recent divorce from Michael Dodd—did not share the same viewpoints as gal pal Shannon!

“Dating post-divorce is easy. It is like fishing with dynamite. Not that I like everyone but it is easy to go on dates. Since the divorce Michael and I sold our house for $5 million. It is a transition because I went from this big huge house to this small little condo. But I love it!” she confessed.

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“Michael and I have been separated for two years when Jolie was younger. Now that she is older I think she understands that it is better that we are separated because she doesn’t have to hear the fighting,” Dodd said when discussing how her teen daughter, Jolie, is handling the split.

Vicki then broke the news to Kelly about David dating a 34-year-old, to which the feisty brunette responded: “Dude I am hoping that Michael will find a girlfriend.”

Although the drama with the returning housewives stole the show during the latest RHOC episode, fans also caught a glimpse at new housewife, Emily Moore Simpson, who claimed she married her husband Shane after he proposed to her online.

“Shane and I didn’t even date. We have been friends for several years. Then one day on google chat he goes hey you wanna get married? I didn’t have anything better to do so I’m like ‘Sure,’” Emily said.

“We got married a couple of weeks after that. It was not romantic at all. It’s so weird,” Emily added.

Do you think that David Beador cheated on Shannon? Sound off in the comments below.

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Thomas Ravenel’s GF Gets Into Catfight With His Baby Mama After Being Called ‘Escort’


The claws were out in last night’s season finale of Southern Charm. The dramatic show ended with Ashley Jacobs being called an “escort” after dressing up like Julia Roberts’ hooker character in Pretty Woman! Then, a nasty fight with her boyfriend Thomas Ravenel’s baby mama followed.

Leading up to the final party, Kathryn Dennis confessed: “Thomas for the first time was really starting to open up to me. He and Ashley aren’t doing well. He’s not happy. He doesn’t want to be with her. I think he feels like he’s stuck because he’s paying for her.”

She told Naomi Olindo that she was tipped off via a message on Instagram that Jacobs was a “high end escort for polo men in Santa Barbara,” and Olindo concurred, saying she heard she was a “Polo rat.”

As they were getting ready for the party, Ravenel gave Jacobs a white gold locket to wear with her Pretty Woman inspired red dress.

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“Last week I was ready to move on,” Ravenel said about their relationship, but admitted he changed his mind. “I think if it was not for Ashley’s persistence we would be broken up by now. She thinks we have a chance to make it.”

“I Just don’t want to have any regrets,” he said. “I want to make sure I’ve given this everything that I have.”

As Altschul’s “Winter Wonderland Ball,” Cameran Eubanks quipped “It’s like the Titanic,” before Dennis and Jacobs’ nasty fight.

Everyone was gossiping that Jacobs was an “escort,” and Austen Kroll, after telling Jacobs she looked like “Cruella de vil,” told Ravenel about the rumor.

“Well that’s not true,” Ravenel said in his southern accent.

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Jennifer Snowden also leaped to Jacobs’ defense. “She moved here to be with Thomas. That’s some hearsay sh*t,” she said.

“That’s not fair. It’s absurd,” Ravenel added.

Then, Jacobs herself confronted Kroll.

“I’ve never seen you do anything other than spend his money,” he said to her, defending the rumors.

“That’s insulting. You accused her of being a hooker,” Snowden said, butting into the argument.

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At the end of the night, Jacobs approached Dennis to apologize, but it ended up horribly.

“Is it alright if I join you?” Jacobs asked while Dennis smoked a cigarette.

“I would love that,” Dennis told her. “I’ve resolved my issues with everyone in this room. Even Patricia now. I’m in a really good place and I’d like to understand where it is you’re coming from because I have no clue where you’re coming from.”

“I’d like to start the conversation by apologizing too. I apologize for my part in it,” Jacobs said, referencing the Hilton Head Island conversation.

“Clearly, I have no idea where your head’s at. One minute you’re telling me you respect me and one minute you’re telling me that I’m a terrible absolutely terrible person, mother, everything. You crossed the line in so many ways that night,” Dennis said, and Jacobs changed her tone, turning nasty.

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“Don’t deflect. Who you are. Let’s not forget. Don’t forget your kids were taken away from you. Don’t forget that,” Jacobs lashed out.

Calmly, Dennis responded, “I don’t think I could ever forget that, actually,” and Jacobs continued attacking her.

“Someday your children and are going to want to know why.”

“Shut the f**k up,” Dennis slammed. “All you are is a gold digger no one f**king likes you, including your boyfriend. Sorry.”

“Well guess what I’m not going anywhere. It’s all in your head. Get used to this. I am the best thing that ever happened to him and he’s the best thing that ever happened to me,” Jacobs said.

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“Why is he miserable then? Why is he depressed?” Dennis asked her and told her she speaks to Ravenel and he “can’t stand,” his girlfriend.

“Just be careful because I know a lot of information,” Jacobs said to Dennis. “You’re threatening me?” Dennis asked and Jacobs told her: “Yeah, I am.”

Dennis lost her temper finally. “Honestly you are psychotic. You need to back the f**k up. Realize my place and f**k off!” and Jacobs taunted her: “I’ve got the life that you want. That’s why you’re so threatened. God bless you.”

Dennis pulled Ravenel aside, telling him Jacobs “is a f**king psycho.”

And Jacobs demanded that her boyfriend stand by her side, shouting to him, “Come on Thomas, don’t be a p***y.”

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“Come on Thomas. Tell her how great our relationship is,” Jacobs pleaded and Dennis dismissed her. “You need help,” she told Jacobs. “Go find someone else to go screw,” Jacobs retorted.

“I want you to see how she treats me,” Dennis said to Ravenel. “She’s seriously scary and she probably scares you too. I will not accept her being around my children again.”

Dennis confronted Jacobs and Ravenel outside the party.

“I want to say you’ve crossed the line, you’ve f**ked wth me. Wait and see how long you’re around. Look me in the eye. You crossed the line as a mother. F**k you. F**k you.”

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“Is that how you wat your kids to see you?” Jacobs asked.

“You are such a child,” Dennis told her and when Jacobs said she was “angry,” she ripped into her. “Shut the f**k up. Do not ever come around me or my children again. You f**ked with the wrong person, the wrong family.”

Jacobs took a dig at her. “You’re not a family. You’re a baby mama. You ‘re nothing but an egg donor.”

Dennis stormed off calling Jacobs a “f**king psycho.”

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The show ended with a note about the Ravenel, Dennis and Jacobs situation.

“Six months later…Thomas and Ashley are still together but Thomas and Kathryn are joyfully co-parenting…and…Kathryn now has 50/50 custody of her children.”

Stay with Radar for the recap of the Southern Charm reunion shows!

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Zach & Tori Roloff Expand Their Family: ‘Little People’ Couple Adopt!

Zach and Tori Roloff expanded their family after deciding to go the adoption route, — But their new addition won’t be needing any diapers and has four legs!

Tori took to Instagram Wednesday night to reveal that she and Zach have adopted a little pup to add to their growing household.

“Guess what?!?! world: meet Murphy! We are so excited to bring this friend home. Our world just got a little crazier,” Tori wrote.

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On this past season of Little People, Big World, Tori was adamant about getting a dog despite Zach’s hesitations.

While Tori told Zach she didn’t want to have another child until she got a puppy, Zach was adamant that there would be no dogs in the house.

“Than the shop is closed,” Tori joked to the cameras.

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But it looks like Zach has had a change of heart and the two are now a family of four.

This means their one-year-old son Jackson gets to have a furry best friend!

As Radar exclusively reported, Zach and Tori have officially sold their newlywed home for a much bigger house.

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The two sold their three bedroom home and bought a $560,000 lavish five bedroom home also in Portland.

Both discussed having kids this summer. So it’s only a matter of time before baby Jackson also gets to have a baby brother or sister!

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Divorce Drama! Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra Tell All On Splitting After Cryptic Posts

catelynn lowell tyler baltierra divorce talk dr oz appearance teen mom og

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are appearing on The Dr. Oz Show to discuss their battle with depression. But in a sneak peek, the Teen Mom 2 stars also open up about divorcing amid split speculation.

In the clip, Dr. Mehmet Oz said, “When the series first launched, you guys were 16. It’s almost 10 years. We’ve followed them through battles with depression and most recently, a heartbreaking miscarriage.”

When Dr. Oz asked, “Tyler, Catelynn has used the word divorce, have any of you considered that?” the couple looked at each other.

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He then explained how he would be giving them an “exclusive intervention.”

The clip comes after months of divorce speculation. After Lowell, 26, completed two back-to-back stints in rehab for depression and suicidal thoughts following a devastating miscarriage, Baltierra, 26, found himself struggling with depression and anxiety. He has recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, he admitted at the Teen Mom OG reunion.

Lowell changed her last name on social media to her maiden name, while Baltierra has been channeling his feelings through cryptic poetry.

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“That pathetic f**k up who got famous just for f**kin his girlfriend and getting her knocked up, man I can’t wait for this show to finally end,” he wrote. “That mother**ker’s gotta get a job even though I doubt that he could & he’s gotta leave that broad if he ever wants to be heard.”

A source previously told Radar, “Everything is not okay. When I ask either Cate or Ty how they’re doing, they make no mention of the spouse. It’s weird because they’ve never dodged questions like that before.”

Lowell posted over the weekend, “I’m scared of the future. I’m scared of the past. I’m nervous at the moment.” She then added, “I’m so scared right now… but I know that everything that is supposed to happen will happen… whatever my destiny is will be… I got this… I’m strong…”

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The couple got married in August 2015. They have denied divorce rumors.

Do you think they’re headed for divorce? Tell us in the comments!

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‘RHONY’ Cast Raves About Colombia Vacation Before Boat Went Up In Flames

RHONY New York Cartegena Colombia Boat Hell Flames

The Real Housewives of New York cast raved about their trip to Cartegena, Colombia days before they boarded a ship that went up in flames and nearly sank.

On Wednesday night’s episode, Tinsley Mortimer pumped up the ladies when she invited them on what was intended to be a luxurious getaway to South America. The cast members’ jaws dropped when they viewed photos of the mansion they would be staying in on a private island to themselves.

“It’s a gorgeous house that we can go and it’s warm and it’s amazing,” Mortimer gushed. “The town is awesome. It’s got amazing restaurants.”

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Carole Radziwill agreed it would be the perfect escape from February in “freezing” New York.

“It’s always nice to get away. I’ve heard a lot of great things about Cartegena so I’m very excited to go,” Radziwill said.

Mortimer added she had been to the island ten times. “Cartegena is such a beautiful place. I can’t imagine anybody not having the most amazing time in this town.”

Dorinda Medley, however, said she had her doubts. She joked that if a foreign trip hasn’t been advertised on a commercial then it is not for her – and she was right. In February, Page Six reported the reality show’s cast endured a ride from hell when the engine of the boat they chartered caught fire and nearly sank.

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Shortly after the February incident, a source told the outlet the vessel “couldn’t even move” and didn’t have enough life jackets for everyone on board. Bethenny Frankel, Ramona Singer and Medley were “soaked and screaming hysterically,” the source revealed, adding that Radziwill and Mortimer threw up from seasickness.

Radar previously reported the reality stars were left “shaken” after the high seas nightmare and planned to sue Bravo.

However, an insider later claimed to Radar that the network would fire the reality stars if they even thought about taking legal action.

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Also on Wednesday, Luann de Lesseps, Singer, Morgan, Frankel, and Radziwill participated in a speed-dating event that left some of the women getting rambunctious with a handful of men.

Morgan got chummy with a man who envisioned tying her up in bed, leaving her “f**king helpless” and with “hand marks on your f**king a**.”

“Oh my god, I love hand marks the next day!” the outspoken blonde replied.

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Singer and Frankel then ended up flirting with the same man!

The ladies’ trip from hell on Colombia’s choppy waters will play out on next week’s episode. The Real Housewives of New York airs every Wednesday at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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Kailyn Lowry Hooks Up With Ex-Husband Javi – And Then He Runs Back To Ex Briana!

Kailyn Lowry hooked up with her ex-husband Javi Marroquin, but that didn’t stop him from running back to his ex-girlfriend Briana DeJesus! The love triangle continues on this week’s Teen Mom 2.

On the episode, Leah Messer traveled to Atlanta, Georgia to be a guest on Lowry’s podcast with Lindsie Chrisley, Coffee Convos. Before recording, the friends each dropped a bombshell.

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Jeremy and Javi want to get back together, but they won’t say it on camera,” Lowry said of her and Messer’s ex-husbands, as Messer responded, “It’s because of their hoes on the side. They don’t want to ruin it!”

Messer then confessed, “Jeremy and I hooked up. That’s what happened a couple of months ago. We were drunk. I did not feel anything.”

Lowry then admitted that she too hooked up with her ex-husband.

“I don’t feel anything,” she said of Marroquin. “It would solve a lot of things, but I don’t want to be with someone for convenience.”

PHOTOS: Briana DeJesus Quitting ‘Teen Mom 2’ Amid Feud With Boyfriend’s Ex-Wife Kailyn Lowry?

And Marroquin felt the same way, as he flew to Miami to help DeJesus after her plastic surgery. On last week’s episode, Marroquin broke up with DeJesus because he didn’t agree with her decision to have her plastic surgery live on Snapchat. He also dumped her because she refused to move from Florida to Delaware to be with him.

Instead of having Marroquin help her recover from the surgery, she asked her ex-boyfriend Dre.

“Javi found out about him and he’s not happy,” DeJesus said. “I told Javi we got Dre to help us with the surgery. He’s upset we don’t want him there. He’s like, You’re so disrespectful’.”

PHOTOS: Briana DeJesus Attacks New Man’s Ex-Wife Kailyn Lowry: ‘We Aren’t Friends!’

But Marroquin showed up in Miami to surprise DeJesus.

I’ll smack the f**k out of you,” she said when she saw him. “I’m dead a**, Javi. You think I’m kidding? I’m so pissed off!”

After last week’s episode when Jenelle Evans’ son Jace called her and her husband David Eason “pieces of s**t,” her mom Barbara talked about his anger issues to her son Colin.

PHOTOS: Kailyn Lowry Looks Unrecognizable After Undergoing Cosmetic Procedure

“Jace comes home so angry,” she said, as Colin added, “He’s angry for a while until he sits in the room with me for a while… he calms down and plays video games with me. I think he likes having me in the house a lot. It makes him happier.”

Barbara said how Jace likes having “another male figure” in the house that “doesn’t have anger issues.”

“All the hitting, cursing and violence at that house, it’s very sickening,” Barbara said. “David has brain washed her to death. I think it’s important for Jace to have therapy with Jenelle. All he wants is for Jenelle to love him and spend alone time with him. I’m going to let her take him to therapy.”

PHOTOS: Jenelle Evans Changes Relationship Status While Husband David Slams Her

And Evans agreed, as they went to therapy and then went out to dinner together.

“Therapy is good for us,” Evans said to her 8-year-old son over dinner. “We get the one-on-one time together. We get to come here and have dinner. Talk about school and grades.”

Also on the episode, Chelsea Houskas husband Cole DeBoer took her daughter Aubree with ex-boyfriend Adam Lind to the father/daughter dance.

PHOTOS: ‘You B***h!’ Jenelle Evans Goes Off On Enemy Kailyn Lowry Over Child Abuse Claims

“It’ll be the first year we’re not wondering if Adam is coming because he’s not allowed with the new court order,” she told a friend. “I asked her, ‘Does it make you upset that he doesn’t go?’ she goes, ‘I don’t even think about it.’”

Teen Mom 2 airs Mondays at 9/8c on MTV.

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Jenelle Evans’ Husband David Eason Reveals She’s ’13 Weeks’ Pregnant

Jenelle Evans is in a nasty custody war with her baby daddy Nathan Griffith and his mom, but that isn’t stopping her from welcoming more children! The Teen Mom 2 star’s husband revealed over Facebook that they’re expecting.

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