Anti-Social…Media, That Is! 15 Celebrities Who Have Deleted Or Avoid Social Media

Most celebrities have some kind of social media they use to promote new projects and/or give fans small glimpses of their lives. There are even those, like the Kardashians and Jenners, who have taken their social media game and turned it into an art form. But sometimes stars just want to be a little less social – and that’s okay, too.

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Some Hollywood A-listers don’t much like social media and therefore have mostly stayed away. Stars like Scarlett Johansson and Emma Stone aren’t into sharing every moment of their lives with the Internet, while others like Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley and Angelina Jolie feel kind of stupid even trying to tweet.

Then there are celebrities like Kristen Stewart and Jake Gyllenhaal who see social media–and smartphones in general–as a way of losing personal connectivity with others, while celeb parents like Kate Winslet and Sandra Bullock ban social media from their homes because of its potential negative impact on their kids’ self-worth.

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Here are 15 stars who don’t use social media and some lessons you can learn from their decisions to stay away.

Total Transparency: Celebs Who Have Come Out As Gay Or Bisexual

Kristen Stewart wears a flowing black dress, short hair half pulled back.

Many celebrities who have shared the details of their sexual orientation have paved the way for others to embrace their true selves. While in the past, some celebs have kept their personal lives under wraps and stayed closeted for fear that their truth would impact their professional career, now more than ever, famous faces are coming out as gay or bisexual and creating an environment of love and understanding.

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Radar has rounded up some of these famous faces who have come out as gay or bisexual and their pride is all around inspiring. Each celebrity has a unique coming out story, whether it was a big public announcement, like Ellen DeGeneres, or a more subtle confirmation, such as Bella Thorne, a painful reaction from family members, as Matt Bomer found, or a liberating moment, such as what Ellen Page experienced.

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