From The Big Time To The Big House! The 44 Greatest Celebrity Mugshots Of All Time

Running into trouble with the law is bad enough, but when you’re a celebrity, there’s just no escaping the moment those handcuffs were slapped on your wrists. Fans love to see their favorite celebs succeed, but there’s just something exciting about watching them at their lowest. Radar has collected 44 of the greatest celebrity mugshots of all time. These aren’t the head shots these celebs were hoping you’d see. From DUIs to assault, Hollywood’s most famous faces have had some embarrassing moments and unfortunate run-ins with the law.

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Mugshots are not created equal. For every frowning Nick Nolte you get a smiling Bruno Mars. Some might smile, some might frown, but each one of these celebrities surely would have rather been smiling for a selfie instead of a mugshot. They’re known for being glamorous, but these celebrities traded in that glamour for a stint in the big house. Check out the 44 mugshots below and see just what happened for these famous boys and girls and that got them locked up in the first place.

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Jenelle & David Accused Of Drug Use During ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion Show Brawl

The Teen Mom 2 reunion turned into an episode of Jerry Springer, as the co-stars continued to get into explosive fights with each other.

On the episode, Jenelle Evans sat down with reunion show host Dr. Drew Pinsky, where he asked about the abuse claims against her son Kaiser.

As Radar readers know, Nathan Griffith’s mom Doris Davidson filed an emergency custody order after accusing Jenelle’s husband David Eason of abusing the 4-year-old.

When David watched the interview, he forced Jenelle to leave the set.

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The drama only continued when they returned, as Jenelle went off on Nathan’s girlfriend Ashley for hugging her estranged mom Barbara.

“You want to hug my mother in front of everyone, we have turmoil right now,” she said, as Ashley responded, “She gave me a hug goodbye. I’m not going to be rude.”

Jenelle then claimed Kaiser wasn’t being supervised because Doris wasn’t in the room with Nathan.

When Jenelle followed him out of the room, he yelled, “Can I get security? Can she stop harassing me? I need security. You chose to push out your own mother cause you let a guy control your life.”

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Jenelle then cried to Doris, “I’m upset because my mom has nothing to do with me, but then she goes and hangs out with her. She goes online talking about my husband and then sits here and wants to have a good relationship with me.”

When Nathan accused David of talking bad about him, Jenelle called her husband and he stormed in as someone yelled, “Where is security?!”

“Just come get in the truck,” he demanded.

But Jenelle continued to fight, as she yelled at Doris, “You don’t need to speak to my mother anymore Doris. You don’t have anything to do with my mother cause that’s between me and my mother. I need to say bye to my son. I will call the police to say bye to my son.”

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“You’re acting weird,” Doris said to Jenelle, as she then told David, “Let’s do a drug test on you!”

On Jenelle’s way out, she ran into her estranged mom – and then went off on her!

“I don’t f**king speak to you,” she said, as Barbara yelled back, “You f**king b***h. I have never seen you like this ever. Even on drugs you never acted like this. Your friends are calling me saying, ‘I’m very concerned about Jenelle.’ I want nothing to do with you.”

Also on the episode, Briana DeJesus, her sister Brittany and her mom Roxanne fought with Kailyn Lowry. As readers know, Lowry was upset because DeJesus and her ex-husband Javi Marroquin weren’t being honest about their relationship.

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When the fight was over, Kailyn’s friend Bone confronted Briana.

“Are you cursing out Kail right now? Everyone’s ganging up on Kail,” Bone said. “Everyone is yelling at her, she came in crying. Let’s not hear this s**t again.”

When Bone walked away, Briana yelled, “If it happens, it happens. Don’t be respectful. Cause I’ll smack the s**t out of you. You’re lucky my kids are here.”

Bone yelled back, “Why am I walking away if you’re saying s**t!”

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When Briana fired, “I’ll smack the f**k out of you,” Bone said, “Smack me.” When Briana didn’t respond, Bone said, “That’s what I f**king thought.”

But the fight didn’t end there, as Brittany then went after Bone.

“Where is she?” she asked as security held her back. “Where are you? Come out. You really want to try my sister in front of my f**king nieces? Cause I know Kail’s a grown a** woman. She can handle hers. If a b**h come to my sister’s room again in front of her f**king kids they’re getting f**ked up.”

When Briana and Javi tried to talk to Kailyn about their feud, she refused.

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“It’s so Jerry Springer,” she said. “I don’t want these people around my kids. Have a nice day.”

Although Brittany apologized to producers about the fighting, it wasn’t enough, as Kailyn, Leah Messer and Chelsea Houska threatened to quit the show.

“We’ve never felt like this before,” Houska said of the fighting.

Lowry then said, “What’s happened last night and today is unacceptable on all levels. I don’t want to be part of this. The culprit of this is Jenelle and Briana. What do we do about Jenelle and Briana so we don’t feel like we need to walk away from the show all three of us ban together and we’re done, then what? Then the show is done completely.”

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Although all five women went on stage for one of the segments, Lowry left the show upset.

“This is trash,” she said. “This whole thing has turned to trash. I did not sign up for this garbage.”

Teen Mom 2 airs Mondays at 9/8c on MTV.

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Jenelle Evans Films ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion At Home Away From Enemy Costars

Jenelle Evans Filming Teen Mom 2 Reunion Home

Diva shutdown!

MTV producers did not cave into Jenelle Evansoutrageous demands,and the gun-toting reality star is filming the Teen Mom 2 reunion show at home, has exclusively learned.

“Jenelle refused to go to New York without David, and MTV refused to pay for him to go with her, so Dr. Drew [Pinsky] is filming with her at home in North Carolina,” a show insider snitched to Radar.

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But Eason, who was fired from the reality show for homophobic and transphobic comments on social media, will not be in any footage, the source insisted. “They’re still not filming with David.”

But Evans’ mother, Barbara Evans, and her son Jace, 8, made the trip to the Big Apple for the reunion despite the star’s absence.

Serious bad blood remains between Evans and her costars, especially Kailyn Lowry, who threatened to “come after”  her at the reunion.

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Evans’ ultimate fate with the show remains undecided after she posted a picture with a gun following the Florida school shooting. MTV exec considered firing her, but filmed again with her to wrap up the season.

Evans got into trouble again during her final days of shooting when she allegedly pulled a gun at a stranger during a road rage incident.

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“Jenelle is the network’s worst nightmare right now,” the show insider told Radar. “They’re not happy with her at all. Even the Viacom president knows about her situation.”

Should Jenelle be fired from the show? Sound off in the comments.

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Kailyn Lowry & Briana DeJesus Get Into Epic On-Camera Brawl At Reunion

Amber Portwood and Farrah Abrahams reunion show brawl is nothing compared to Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus’ blowout! On this week’s Teen Mom 2, the enemies fight it out while backstage at the reunion.

The episode kicked off with Lowry discussing how “shady” her ex-husband Javi Marroquin was being during his trip to Florida with their son Lincoln and her son Isaac from a previous relationship. Lowry learned Marroquin was staying in the same hotel as DeJesus.

“Could you imagine someone you work with is dating your ex-husband? It’s weird,” she said to her friend. “It’s messy. I don’t think she’s a good person.”

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DeJesus was more optimistic about the reunion, as she said, “I want us to all get along and have a good time.”

But when DeJesus walked into the room to get her hair and makeup done, Lowry went off.

“This is a f**king joke,” she said before storming off to speak with producer Larry. “Why is there not a separate space for Bone and the baby to go? He doesn’t have his vaccinations.”

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She then added, “I don’t want to be around Briana. I don’t want to be around Jenelle [Evans]. I don’t want to be around Javi. I don’t want to be around these people.”

DeJesus laughed during Lowry’s meltdown, as she said, “There is a new b***h here!”

Although DeJesus claimed her and Marroquin are only friends, they discussed having a relationship.

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“We texted about long distance,” Marroquin said. “It’s only a two-hour flight. I can come on the weekends. I do want to take you on a date.”

She responded, “Don’t start something you can’t finish. I just don’t want issues. If this is serious we can make something of it, but it’s still too early to tell.”

Later on in the episode, DeJesus finally confronted Lowry.

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When she asked what Lowry’s issue is with her, she responded, “My issue is that you texted me telling me one thing and then Javi is telling me another thing. Javi is telling me ya’ll are basically trying to be together. I honestly don’t care if you all date, but he needs to be real about it and you need to be real about it.”

She fired back, “We can’t tell you nothing if we don’t know what’s going on with us. All we are is friends right now. I can’t tell you it’s going to be more if it’s not.”

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When Lowry brought up how she heard they shared a hotel room in Florida, DeJesus responded, “I said [to Javi] if you’ve going to have Isaac in Orlando you need to tell Kail. It’s not my place to tell Kail that the kids are going to be hanging out with us.”

When DeJesus blamed Leah Messer for telling Lowry about the hotel, she said, “You’re the one who opened your mouth so you can blame yourself.”

Dejesus fired back, “You’re salty that Javi is moving on.”

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Lowry yelled back, “I don’t’ give a s**t if he moves on Briana!”

When DeJesus told her to “shut up” because she’s “annoying,” Lowry called her “ratchet.”

Briana’s sister Brittany then got involved.

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“Don’t call my f**king sister ratchet cause I’m the real ratchet one,” she said, as Lowry replied, “Bye Brittany.”

Brittany then screamed, “Don’t f**king dismiss me b***h. You don’t know who the f**k you’re f**king with. Because you’re mad over your ex man liking my sister. Don’t come at my sister like that. Oh b***h you don’t even know.”

Also on the episode, Evans and her husband David Eason had too much to drink while filming a special.

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“I’ll drink all of them,” Evans said as her and her husband downed shots.

“Larry, where’s the beer?” Eason asked. “We’re leaving unless we got some beer.”

When Larry told them the beer is done for the night, they left. But when Eason couldn’t get passed a row of balloons, he whipped out a knife and popped them.

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“He’s pissed,” Evans laughed.

Teen Mom 2 airs Mondays at 9/8c on MTV.

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‘Teen Mom’ Trouble: Jenelle Evans’ Diva Demands Threaten Reunion Show

Will the show go on?

Jenelle Evans’ diva demands are threatening to shut down the Teen Mom 2 reunion show, has exclusively learned.

Evans’ stubborn behavior comes hot on the heels of her co-stars Kailyn Lowry, Leah Messer and Chelsea Houska all slamming her since filming started — and there seems to be no chance of reconciliation.

Jenelle doesn’t even want to talk to her awful co-stars because she hates the way that they treat her,” a show insider dished to Radar.

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“She is ready for the confrontations but is really dreading all of them ganging up on her.”

The insider said, “Jenelle wants nothing to do with all of them. She is so tired of the girls and their guys and even their parents being mean to her, and she is not afraid to call them all out, but she doesn’t want to go to the reunion alone.”

Evans’ husband, David Eason, was fired by MTV from TM2 after his homophobic Twitter rants, but she has staunchly stood by him. Evans herself was involved in a shocking road rage incident where she allegedly pulled a gun on another driver and MTV cameras captured it all. With all those problems surrounding her, Evans didn’t want to face everyone, the source spilled.

“Jenelle loves David. She supports him. She wants him to be at the reunion, but MTV has said absolutely not, no way,” the spy told Radar.

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“She is trying to do everything she can to change their minds. She’s threatening not to show up, but she has to.”

As Radar revealed, the reunion show was scheduled to tape the weekend of May 19, 2018, but now, Evans’ appearance is up in the air.

Do you think Jenelle will show up alone without David? Sound off in the comments below!

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‘David Punched Him!’ Jenelle Evans’ Husband Accused Of Hitting Her Son

The season premiere of Teen Mom 2 kicked off with a bang, as Jenelle Evans learned she could lose custody of her son. On this week’s episode, Evans discovered her baby daddy Nathan Griffith‘s mom filed an emergency custody order to take Kaiser away from her.

“Nathan’s mom tried to file emergency custody on me to take Kaiser away immediately,” she said. “She said she was worried about the bruises he comes over her house with. I told my lawyer Kaiser came home with finger bruises on his butt from being spanked. Don’t go behind my back and file emergency custody.”

Griffith, who has supervised visits with the 3-year-old every other weekend, explained how his mom filed the order because they fear her husband David Eason is being physical with Kaiser.

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“He told me David punched him one time,” Griffith claimed. “It does seem he has tendencies to be a violent person.”

Evans blamed her estranged mother Barbara for joining forces with Griffith’s mom.

Barbara alleged of the accusation, “I’m pissed off. Jace tells me the other day Kaiser pulled his diaper down and had poop and David got mad and was spanking him so hard. Jenelle says it’s a lie. Jenelle always protects the man she’s with. She’s putting this guy again over her children.”

When Evans saw’s exclusive article where Barbara explained the alleged abuse, she defended her husband.

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“He doesn’t touch the kids like that,” she said. “David punches Kaiser in the face. He plays around! That’s what Kaiser means. She’s taking this out of proportion. Everything is fine and everyone else thinks it’s not.”

Also on the episode, Leah Messer and Briana DeJesus go to the MTV Video Music Awards together. DeJesus revealed to Messer that she is staying in the same hotel as Kailyn Lowry‘s ex-husband Javi Marroquin when he comes to visit her in Florida with his son Lincoln and ex-stepson Isaac, Lowry’s son with ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera.

Although DeJesus insisted they are not dating, Messer told Lowry they are staying in the same hotel.

“He told me it’s none of my f**king business,” Lowry said when she confronted Marroquin. “Javi wants to be with her I think.”

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But DeJesus ended up not staying in a hotel with him.

“The original plan was for us to be in a hotel sweet with four different bedrooms and a big a** apartment,” DeJesus said. “But we’re not anymore. So it doesn’t matter. Where the f**k did she get that information from?”

When Marroquin told DeJesus that Messer spread the rumor she responded, “I know her loyalty is with Kail, but still.”

Also on the episode, Chelsea Houska revealed she is changing her daughter Aubree’s last name from Lind to Lind-DeBoer after marrying Cole. But her deadbeat baby daddy Adam Lind isn’t making the name change easy for her.

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“He will be willing to agree to the name change if you eliminate child support, adjust child support, or take into consideration Mr. DeBoer’s income,” she explained to her father. “Why the f**k would we eliminate child support to hyphenate her last name?”

She then explained how instead of giving in to one of his options, she is going to file a motion in court and have a judge decide.

“Eliminate all the back child support and child support? Forgive the 10k and future child support and you can hyphenate her last name?” she said. “We’ll move forward with the motion.”

But the drama didn’t end there, as Houska revealed Lind was arrested for domestic simple assault and had a restraining order taken on out him by ex-fiancée Stasia Huber.

“It detailed all this crazy s**t,” she said of the restraining order, which was exclusively obtained by Radar.  “There was one night where he broke her arm and locked her in the house. His drug use is out of control and his depression is getting worse. His visits need to be at a visitation center. He’s a psychopath and he’s getting worse.”

As Radar revealed exclusive details on, the judge granted the motion to hyphenate her last name and to have their visits at a visitation center instead of supervised by his mother.

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‘TM2’ Reunion Hell: Jenelle Refusing To Film As Road Rage Gun Drama Explodes

Jenelle Evans is facing the worst reunion show ever for Teen Mom 2 after her outrageous season of fights and guns and has exclusive details about the hotly anticipated event.

MTV set the date for the weekend of May 19 in New York City and sparks are expected to fly!

“Jenelle has been saying that she doesn’t want to go to the reunion because David isn’t allowed to go,” a show insider snitched to Radar.

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Her husband, David Eason, was fired from the MTV show in February after unleashing a torrent of homophobic comments on Twitter, and as Radar readers know, he continued to disrupt filming by showing up on set with his wife.

“Jenelle doesn’t want to go anywhere without David, and MTV isn’t paying for him to come to the reunion,” the source explained. “And David is trying to talk her out of going too, manipulating her and telling her that she should just skip it.”

Her co-stars Kailyn Lowry, Chelsea Houska and Leah Messer have all fought with Evans over the past few months and she knows they are not going to stay quiet about the controversies.

“Jenelle hates the other girls, except Briana, and she knows they’re all just going to be s**tty to her, that’s another reason she doesn’t want to go,” the insider told Radar.

During the last reunion in Los Angeles, Evans and Eason stayed at a rented home while the rest of the cast stayed in a hotel, something the source said would not happen again.

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“Jenelle isn’t getting any more special treatment. Her MTV contract says she needs to go to the reunion,” the source revealed exclusively to Radar.

After the network threatened to fire her after her gun scandals all season, Evans is expected to attend the reunion.

“Jenelle’s outrageous demands all season have been ignored by MTV and they’re expecting her to show up for the reunion”.

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