Kashing In On Kids! Kardashians Take Financial Meeting To Talk Branding New Babies

kardashian jenner kids branding scheme

With six grandchildren and three more on the way, the Kar-Jenner’s are going through a series of major meetings in order to set up a game plan on how they’ll cash in on all the kids, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively!

“The family had a meeting to game plan for what they’re doing financially with the new babies on the way,” a source revealed. The famous family put their heads together to figure out “how they’re going to brand the children.”

The big question is whether they should create separate brands or a group brand.

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Kris said they’ve been in it together since day one so she thinks it’s a good idea to combine the kids,” meaning “one brand for all product lines.”

Kylie, who is pregnant with Travis Scott‘s baby, “doesn’t want territories to be crossed,” says the insider, as the makeup guru “has been annoyed that her makeup line has been linked with Kim’s, so she expressed that she thinks they need to be clear on the categories.”

As for Khloe, who is currently carrying pro baller boyfriend Tristan Thompson‘s child, initially didn’t want her baby involved.

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But per usual, Kris “basically guilt-tripped” Khloe saying “how she could do that to her child — this is their legacy!”

Meanwhile, the only brother of the family has been snubbed. “Rob has been upset his daughter Dream isn’t a part of it.”

“The family has told him they don’t think it’s fair for Chyna to have a piece of pie.”

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Baby Blues! Pregnant Kylie Can’t Stop Crying: ‘She’s At A Low Point’

Kylie Jenner Pregnant Weight Gain

Kylie Jenner is not loving life as a mom-to-be!

A source close to the 20-year-old — who is expecting a daughter with new boyfriend Travis Scott, 27 — told RadarOnlline.com exclusively that the makeup mogul is at “a very low point right now. She is really bummed out.”

As Radar previously reported, selfie-queen Jenner just can’t come to grips with her expanding body.

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“She is horrified at how her body has ballooned up, and it really bothers her that she cannot fit into any of her clothes,” the insider claimed. “She thinks that she looks hideous right now.”

Instead of opting for healthy meals, Jenner has been indulging in junk food as she remains miserable at home.

And fans shouldn’t expect the plastic princess to emerge anytime soon.

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Kylie doesn’t even want to leave the house right now and is telling her family that she is going to stay inside until she is skinny again,” the source told Radar.

“She’s also terrified about becoming a mom because she doesn’t know how to raise a baby! She just wants this whole pregnancy thing to be over, but she knows that she still has a long way to go.”

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Gwyneth Paltrow Files For Restraining Order After She’s Targeted By Deranged Stalker

Actress and businesswoman Gwyneth Paltrow filed a request for a temporary restraining order and said she’s in fear for her life and the lives of her two young children after a man who has been stalking her for about a year recently “escalated” his attempts to make contact, including sending “disturbing sexual emails” to her child’s school and notes to her Goop store in Santa Monica.

Paltrow, who just got engaged to producer Brad Falchuk, filed the request on Nov. 17 for protection from Justin Massler, who also goes by the name Cloud Starchaser. The 35-year old man has been known to stalk Paltrow and other celebrities, including First Daughter, Ivanka Trump, according to LAPD detectives.

In her declaration, exclusively obtained by Radar, Paltrow is also asking protection for her children, 13-year old Apple, and Moses, 11.

“These actions have caused me to suffer substantial emotional distress, because I am worried that Mr. Massler may cause physical harm to me, my young children that live with me, my other friends and family members, my employees and anyone else that is associated with me and my family and may be confronted by Mr. Massler in his repeated attempts to get close to me,” Paltrow said in her 129-page restraining order request and declaration.


Judge Craig Karlan granted the request and ordered Massler to stay at least 200 yards away from Paltrow and her loved ones, according to the court documents.

The temporary restraining order expires Dec. 11.

In her declaration, Paltrow said she met with LAPD detectives on Nov. 15 and was told there is an open investigation on Massler, who allegedly has stalked and harassed others. Paltrow said the investigators told her Massler is in custody, but that he has the ability to make bail and could be released at any moment.

According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office, Massler was arrested and booked on Oct. 28 for a misdemeanor charge. He is still in jail as of Wednesday and is being held under $30,000 bail.

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Paltrow said her Director of Security, Terry Abbot, and detectives advised her to also increase her security for herself, her business and her children.

In his declaration, Abbot said Massler started contacting Paltrow in May 2016. Since that time, Abbot said he has intercepted and reviewed more than 100 emails and documents that Massler allegedly sent to Paltrow and her family.

Abbot said detectives informed him and Paltrow that Massler already has a restraining order against him that was filed by the William Morris Talent Agency in Los Angeles.

Massler was arrested by the Secret Service in New York City for violating a restraining order against Ivanka Trump shortly after escaping from a mental health facility in Nevada, according to Abbot’s statement.

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Abbot also wrote he has taken various steps to block such messages, but Massler has recently increased his “disturbing methods,” using alternative email addresses and then sending messages to Paltrow’s business.

“When he did not receive a response to those, he escalated by writing to the school of her child, and included in that email Mr.Massler’s apparent opinions approving of sexual ships between adults and children,” Abbot said.

“From there, he escalated to leaving physical messages addressed to Ms. Paltrow near her business, to be delivered there. From my experience in threat assessment, security and intervention, the types of escalations that Mr. Massler has been doing demonstrate that Mr.Massler presents an immediate danger of causing great and irreparable harm.”

Massler is scheduled to appear in Los Angeles Superior Court on Dec. 4, according to LA County Sheriff’s records.

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Special Treatment? Kennedy Grandkid Busted For Disorderly Conduct Given Easy Way Out

Caroline Kennedy Special Treatment Drunk Arrest

It pays to be a Kennedy!

Caroline Rose Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy’s granddaughter, was arrested for disorderly conduct at a wild party in the summer where she drunkenly told a cop to “f**k off,” but did her famous name give her an easy way out of the charges?

She was sent to a pretrial diversion program for young first-time offenders after she and her father, Maxwell Kennedy, were arrested by Hyannisport Police on Sunday, August 20 about 1 am after cops were called to a house party where the neighbors had called about noise complaints.

If she successfully completed the program the charges against her would be dismissed, officials said. She was scheduled to be in court on Wednesday, but the hearing was continued to March 2018 “pending her completion of the program,” the Associated Press reported.

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Caroline was hauled off to jail at the same time as her father, who had “noticeably bloodshot and glassy eyes,” when cops arrived at the rented mansion, the wild police report obtained exclusively by RadarOnline.com revealed.

When Max was placed in the police car his daughter tried to spring him free. “I observed a female grab hold of my cruiser door and open it,” Officer Armando Feliciano wrote in the police report.

“I recognized her as one of the party guest from in the house. As she opened the door I rushed to cruiser as the crowd closed in. I was able to get the door closed but this had now flared up the crowd even more. Everywhere I turned there were cell phone camera flashing lights in my face and people were yelling and flailing their arms,” the police report stated.

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He blamed the famous father-daughter duo, saying they “incited this crowd into an angry mob.”

Sergeant Jason Laber wrote his report about booking Caroline into custody.

“I observed a female to slur her words and had glassy bloodshot eyes. She was unsteady on her feet and was dirty (dirt of knees and feet). During the process I asked if she would like to have a breathalyzer she refused and said ‘No, I’m drunk… I know.’”

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The member of the storied Kennedy family finally told the officer her identity and said: “I went to Brown and I’m a teacher, sweetheart.” Sgt. Laber noted: “She stuck her tongue out and repeatedly told me to “f*** off” during booking. She cried and now asked if this would affect her job.”

He wrote that she told he “she did not know it was against the law to open a police car door.”

Despite Maxwell Kennedy “having “glassy bloodshot eyes,” and “sweating profusely,” he took a breathalyzer that registered .00BAC. Charges against him were dropped and he paid a $150 fine for a noise violation.

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Urine Trouble! ‘Floribama Shore’ Star Kortni PEES In Roommate’s Bed While Drunk

The stars of Jersey Shore were known for their drunken antics when they partied the summer away in Seaside Heights – but the cast of Floribama Shore is giving them a run for their alcohol money! In an exclusive sneak peek, Kortni Gilson pees in her co-star’s bed.

“After we move Kortni, I notice a little wet spot that went down the side and was actually on the floor,” Jeremiah Buoni said.

When he smelled around, he noticed Kortni peed in Candace Rice’s bed!

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“Pee in my bed?” Candace said. “I’m done. What was the point of peeing on my bed? You could’ve peed in your own bed!”

Codi Butts said in his confessional, “How drunk do you have to be to pee pee in somebody else’s bed and then you sit there laying in the pee pee bed?”

While the roommates couldn’t stop laughing over Kortni’s accident, Nilsa Prowant feared it would harm her reputation in the house.

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“I’m definitely starting to learn a lot of things I didn’t know about Kortni now that we’re living together,” she said. “Our roommates just met her, so I don’t want them to think, ‘Oh lord what am I getting myself into? These two girls are wild as hell and crazy’ just because of Kortni’s actions.’”

Watch the video above for more!

Floribama Shore airs Monday, November 27th at 10/9c on MTV.

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Dueling Divas! How Pink Really Feels About Nemesis Christina’s ‘Weak’ AMA Performance

Christina Aguilera Whitney Houston AMA Performance Pink Feud

Pink blasted claims that she threw shade at her longtime nemesis Christina Aguilera during her Whitney Houston performance at Sunday’s American Music Awards , but a source close to Pink told RadarOnline.com that she was “forced” to make amends!

During Aguilera’s tribute to Houston, the camera panned several times to Pink, who wore a sour expression on her face. After viewers lost it online, Pink quickly issued a statement in an attempt to tamp down the fury.

“Christina f***g killed it tonight for one of our favorite singers ever,” Pink wrote on Twitter. “This is about Whitney, and I am in awe of Christina’s talent. Show the clip where I’m in tears, you negative Nancy.”

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However, according to a source close to the controversial 38-year-old singer, “Pink knew that the cameras were on her last night during Christina’s performance and the shade was undeniable.”

“Regarding the performance, Pink thought the same thing about Christina’s performance that everyone else did,” continued the source. “It was mediocre at some points, but overall it was kind of weak. And that is not Christina’s fault. She is an amazing singer.”

No singer should ever try to cover Whitney Houston because anyone who ever does and ever will fails miserably,” pointed out the source. “She is a legend.”

As Radar has reported, the bitter feud between the dueling divas kicked off in 2001, when the two butted heads over who would get the lead vocal part in Lady Marmalade, the classic mega-hit from the musical film Moulin Rouge.

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In October, just months after Pink said that she had patched up her relationship with Aguilera, 36, the “So What” singer told Andy Cohen during a taping of Watch What Happens Live that their feud once got so intense that she “swung at her at a club.

“Pink can say whatever she wants, but everyone knows how she really feels about Christina,” the source told Radar of the pair’s latest public skirmish. “The two will never reconcile for reals. Her management is constantly trying to stop her from starting fights — and last night was no exception.”

What did you think of Christina’s Whitney Houston cover and Pink’s odd reaction?

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