Paul Manafort Caught Laundering $18M To Fund ‘Lavish Lifestyle’

President Donald Trump‘s former campaign chair, Paul Manafort, 68, faces a maximum of 80 years in prison after having allegedly “laundered” $18 million to fund his “lavish lifestyle.”

According to special counsel Robert Mueller‘s indictment unsealed Monday, Manafort hid millions in foreign tax locations such as Cyprus, Saint Vincent & the Grenadines, and the Seychelles. He purchased lavish properties there with his laundered money and used the rest of it “to enjoy a lavish lifestyle in the United States, without paying taxes on that income.”

According to the Daily Mail, the former politician spent “millions” in luxury goods and mansions for him and his family.

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If he is found guilty of his crimes, he will lose all his assets and spend up to eight decades behind bars.

As previously reported, Manfort and coworker Rick Gates pled not guilty to conspiring against the United States, along with 11 other charges they were initially accused of.

The two were indicted on 12 counts by a federal grand jury in Washington D.C Russian probe and potential collusion with Trump campaign officials in the 2016 presidential election.

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They both agreed to home detention for their crimes, before the news about Manafort broke this Tuesday morning.

A long list of Manafort’s properties and transactions has been released. In it, it is evident that the former Trump aide purchased mansions overseas in order to take out loans and use them to fund his and his family’s lifestyles.

Prosecutors have said that if Manafort is convicted, he will have to forfeit property in Brooklyn, Arlington Virginia, and New York – where he has two homes. He will also have to give up his life insurance policy.

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According to investigators, Manafort purchased properties worth $15 million since 2006. He then went on to purchase, rent and resale many others around the world. Non-surprisingly, in 2006 he also allegedly signed a $10 million-a-year contract with Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska.

As Radar reported, the former campaign chair admitted to having hidden vital information about the Russian government from the FBI.  He reportedly knew he would be charged since the summer.

Now, it seems, Paul Manafort is at risk of losing it all.

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Kathy Griffin SLAMS Andy Cohen After WWHL Host Swipes NYE Gig

Kathy Griffin, 56, did not hold back when bashing former boss Andy Cohen, 49, on social media! As previously reported, the comedian got fired from her CNN New Years Eve gig after her controversial Donald Trump, 71, scandal. Cohen replaced her as the host, and when asked about her by reporters, said: “I don’t know her!”

Referencing Cohen’s bizarre video interview, Griffin said: “Even when it’s on tape, there are doubters? He is NOT kidding w paps. Was my boss for 10 years. Treated me like a dog. Deeply misogynistic.”

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After his catty comment about not knowing the comedian, Cohen went on to say that CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, 50, had been his partner and friend for years! As a source exclusively told Radar, Cooper chose Cohen to be his new NYE cohost after Griffin was let go by the network.

Disgraced Griffin let out her anger on the matter by calling Cooper a “spineless heiress,” making it clear that the two are no longer pals.

How do you think Kathy Griffin feels after her longtime boss Andy Cohen claimed he didn’t even know her? Let us know in the comments below.

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Ivanka Trump Shut Down Tom Brady, Mom Ivana Confirms In Tell-All

ivanka trump dating tom brady relationship donald trump

Ivanka Trump could have had a romance with Tom Brady — but the blond beauty turned down an opportunity to date the NFL superstar, can exclusively reveal.

Ivanka’s mom, Ivana, detailed how her ex-husband Donald Trump wanted to set up their daughter with the football player in her new memoir, Raising Trump.

“Ivanka didn’t tell me much about her dating life between the cocky guy and Jared [Kushner]. I heard rumors about athletes and movie stars, but I didn’t intrude or ask for the details,” she said. “She was a grown woman. If she wanted to talk to me about her boyfriends, I was always there for her, but she preferred to keep her personal life to herself.”

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“At one point, Donald wanted her to date Tom Brady, the quarterback,” she added. “He said, ‘You have to meet him!’ But Ivanka wasn’t into it.”

Donald even told Playboy that he would love for Ivanka to bring Tom home, saying: “I think he’s a great character. I got to know him when he was a judge at a jitterbug contest I entered after the Patriots won the Super Bowl. He’s a winner, and by that I mean every time he needs to make the pass he makes it. You have other guys in the NFL and in life who have all the equipment but don’t make the pass. I think Tom’s a great guy, and I think he and Ivanka would make a great combination. My daughter has a boyfriend and she’s happy with him, but Tom Brady would make any father-in-law proud.”

Ivanka, 35, went on to marry Kushner, 36, in 2009 and Brady, 40, married Gisele Bundchen the same year.

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Brady was invited to the White House to celebrate his Super Bowl win with the New England Patriots just last month, but he declined to join Donald, 71, and his team in the festivities.

It was rumored at the time that Gisele, 37, prohibited him from going due to her jealousy, with Anthony Scaramucci saying: “There could be a little bit of jealousy there and protection and possession of Tom Brady, and she probably didn’t want him to go.”

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She’s Back! Kathy Griffin Comes Out Of Hiding After Donald Trump Image Backlash

Kathy Griffin Tour Donald Trump Image

Unapologetic comedian Kathy Griffin in ready to come out of her self-exposed exile after suffering endless criticism over her Donald Trump joke, can reveal.

As Radar previously reported, Griffin suffered much criticism after she tweeted a photo of herself holding a bleeding mannequin head that resembled Trump, 71.

While the image caused outrage back in May, Griffin is s firm believer that the only way to respond to hate is with humor, and that is what she plans to do!

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Sources have told Straight Shuter that Griffin, 56, does not want to stay out of the spotlight any longer, and she is actually going in an international comedy tour in the coming months. She knows she still has many fans in the Blue States and overseas, so she is more than prepared to make a comeback.

“I sincerely apologize,” Griffin said after being cut from CNN when the photo went viral.

“The image is too disturbing. I understand how it offends people. It wasn’t funny. I get it. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my career. I will continue. I ask your forgiveness. Taking down the image. Going to ask the photographer to take down the image.”

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Following the backlash, the comedian went into hiding, later revealing that she has always felt like an outsider in Hollywood and the Trump drama only made it worse.

“For a long time I’ve sort of been considered an outsider in Hollywood. Ellen DeGeneres can’t stand me and everyone likes her. Leave it to me to be the one, right?”

She even bashed DeGeneres, 59, for not supporting female comics enough over the years.

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“There’s nothing liberal or progressive about Hollywood. Not for women. Not for women of a certain age at all,” she claimed.

Straight Shuter’s Rob Shuter has all the latest gossip.

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FBI Raids Home Of Former Trump Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort

Paul Manafort FBI Home Raid

FBI agents stormed the Alexandria, Va., home of former Donald Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort last month and seized a trove of documents and other undisclosed records and materials.

“The raid came as Manafort has been voluntarily producing documents to congressional committees investigating Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election,” reported The Washington Post of the surprise July 26 predawn seizure that’s just coming to light now.

“The search warrant indicates investigators may have argued to a federal judge they had reason to believe Manafort could not be trusted to turn over all records in response to a grand jury subpoena.”

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The warrant, added the publication, allowed agents to gather a wide range of records as they continue to comb through Manafort’s possible ties to Russia and his other possibly questionable dealings.

As reported, the raid on Manafort’s property isn’t the only major problem in his life.

Manafort, 68, was recently caught cheating with a 33-year-old woman in the bedroom he shares with his wife, Kathleen.

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President Trump has been focused on draining the swamp in Washington, D.C.,” a White House insider said. “Meanwhile, one of his trusted advisers was bedding another woman behind his wife’s back, betraying her and his country!”

News of the affair, which began in 2014, surfaced after the cellphone of Manafort’s daughter was hacked, and the texts were released on the dark web, rendering the culprit virtually untraceable.

In text messages seen by Radar, Andrea Manafort ranted: “He’s been taking THIS W***E on trips instead of my mom. When my mom has literally been begging to spend time w [sic] my dad and he makes her feel guilty for making him feel bad for working.”

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Donald Trump Reportedly Using The Justice Department To Go After Affirmative Action!

no title

Looks like the civil rights division of the Justice Department is taking a new stance under the leadership of Donald Trump and his Attorney General (for the moment) Jeff Sessions.

Instead of protecting the most oppressed minority groups, they’re going to focus on all that discrimination against white people.

According to a report in The New York Times, an internal document was leaked that reveals the department is trying to find which of its lawyers are up for “investigations and possible litigation related to intentional race-based discrimination in college and university admissions.”

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But this apparently isn’t to stop schools from discriminating against minority applicants; it’s to stop affirmative action from giving an edge to black and Latino students — because they believe it’s discriminating against white applicants.


​The Supreme Court has previously ruled that race can be taken into account because of the educational benefits of a diverse student body, so long as there are no racial quotas.

But critics say colleges are using that to reject students because they’re white; there are still several pending lawsuits against major universities by white students claiming they were discriminated against.

The project to take on those cases will reportedly be run out of the front office of the Justice Department rather than the Educational Opportunities Section which usually works on anything related to colleges and universities. In other words, it’ll be done by Trump appointees rather than career civil servants who actually know what they’re doing and care about civil rights.

[Image via CNN.]

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THIS Couple Literally Got Divorced Because Of Donald Trump!

no title

More proof that Donald Trump is RUINING lives!

Dave and Lynn Aronberg once had a fairytale romance. The Palm Beach County State Attorney and the former Miami Dolphins cheerleader were happily married and lived a fabulous life in Florida…

Then, Trump became President, and their once-blissful love affair came to a crashing halt!

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Prior to the businessman becoming the 45th President of the United States, the Republican and her now-ex Democrat husband were frequent guests at Trump’s resort Mar-a-Lago because of Dave’s job. Lynn told Inside Edition:

“We spent New Year’s with Trump at Mar-a-Lago… We were right at his table, right next to him. We were there every weekend.”

Lynn was such a diehard Trump supporter, she even named her dog Ivanka! However, her obsession soon became too much for her partner.

“He was like, ‘I need you to take all your Trump photos off your Facebook page,’ and what I did was — and I realize this was rebellious — I made Trump my profile picture. I’m like, ‘You can’t tell me what to do.'”

Although she was “elated” and “so happy” that Donnie eventually beat Hillary Clinton in the presidential election, the political drama took a toll on her marriage, and Dave filed for divorce a month after the inauguration.

When asked if she flat out chose Trump over her husband, she enthusiastically responded:

“Oh yeah!”

Watch out, Melania Trump! This woman is gunning for your spot!

[Image via Inside Edition.]

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