Financial Crisis! Kenya’s Hubby Rushed To Pay $150K In Tax Debt Before Secret Wedding

Kenya Moore has debt of her own – but is she aware of her husband Marc Daly’s shady finances? can exclusively reveal the RHOA star’s hubby rushed to pay off $150,000 worth of unpaid taxes before the couple jetted off to St. Lucia and secretly got married.

According to records on file at the Kings County Supreme Court in New York, Daly paid off three tax liens totaling nearly $162,000 in early 2017– and one hefty fee was due to his lack of paying taxes for a restaurant he owns. Could his shady business dealings be the reason Moore kept her relationship from Daly a secret behind Bravo’s back?

As Radar readers know, Moore was slapped with a $25,000 fine by Bravo producers after she hid her relationship and tropical wedding so that it wouldn’t end up on the show, Radar exclusively reported.

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What’s more is Daly will not appear on the current season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta because he refused to sign the paperwork. The Atlanta star is also reportedly fired from the show after this season. A source told Radar exclusively she “is not going to have her contract renewed at the end of the season.”

A Kings County clerk confirmed that Daly started paying off his tax debt four months before he and Moore tied the knot in a luxurious island wedding. On Feb. 1, Daly dished out $20,464.74 for a lien that was originally filed against him for a Brooklyn apartment by the New York Department of State in November 2016.

Then, on May 31 – just 10 days before the restauranteur wed the reality star – a $97,017.64 tax warrant imposed against his Brooklyn restaurant, SoCo, was paid off. Moore appears to be oblivious of the business’s recent financial woes. She recently bragged on Instagram about her husband’s eatery.

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“Since I didn’t go to church today I’m hoping my husband will bring home a little slice of heaven from his restaurant @socobk,” she captioned a photo of a dessert from the restaurant.

The fines didn’t stop there. The same day, Moore’s hubby satisfied a warrant for $44,236.04. The couple is clearly not in the best financial state. revealed earlier this month that the Atlanta star may lose her beloved Moore Manor if she doesn’t get her finances straight. A tax bill obtained by Fulton County Tax Commissioner shows the 46-year-old reality star owes $6,984.85 on her Sandy Springs, Georgia home.

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Sheree Whitfield Ready To Marry Jailbird Boyfriend: ‘I Love Him!’

Sheree Whitfield is in love and dying to marry her prisoner boyfriend! The Real Housewives of Atlanta star dropped the bombshell news during the latest show episode, even speaking to him of their wedding plans while on camera.

Whitfield was shopping with Porsha Williams when she revealed that, unlike Kenya Moore, she did not secretly tie the knot with Tyrone Gilliams.

“B*tch are you married?” Williams asked her, and she told her: “B*tch I am not married and when I do I’ll have everyone there.”

But Whitfield confessed: “When he gets out… I’ll definitely marry him!!!”

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Gilliams made an appearance on RHOA via a phone call, when Whitfield was with her life coach.

“I just back from working out. I’m doing the shape by Sheree program,” Gilliams said flirting with Whitfield. “I start working out and start thinking about you. Thinking about how I’m going to carry you all around.”

Whitfield loved the flirting and explained her history with Gilliams.

“We dated six years ago, and we dated until he stopped calling me. Then I find out four years later that he stopped calling because he was getting in trouble with the Feds but he didn’t want me to get in trouble.”

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On the phone, Gilliams told Whitfield: “I wanted to tell you so bad what was going on but it had hit me out of nowhere. When the Feds come, you know, they come from all different directions.”

Whitfield said that Gilliams had been in prison for four years but contacted her on her birthday a year and a half earlier, when she was dating someone else. “It took a long time for us to get where we are now.”

The couple ended their short call saying: “Love you,” to each other.

Whitfield told her life coach that she was in love with the prisoner. “We are exclusive. It gives me butterflies when he calls. I haven’t had that in a long time.”‘

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And she said she didn’t care what the other RHOA ladies thought about him. “For some reason, I really don’t give a sh*t anymore. I love him. I love how he treats me. I love the communication we have.”

Her life coach questioned the chances the relationship would last but she told him he was hoping to be released by the end of the year.

“Tyrone fulfills me more than any man has,” she said, and confessed that she had no fears about their relationship. “I know what we share. He’s my soul mate. I’m taking a chance on love.”

Prior to the love call with Gilliams, Whitfield told her three children the truth about her abusive relationship.

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“I’m sure y’all are on the internet, y’all heard the story about the domestic violence in the household. You know, I just kind of kept you guys away from, didn’t let you guys know what was going on. I just put on a happy face, but it was very toxic.”

Her daughter Fuller said she was “in shock,” and her son Kairo said he didn’t know because she “never said anything about it.”

Whitfield’s other daughter, Kaleigh,” said she spoke with her father about the situation. “Me and dad talked about it. He tried to explain the story to me, but I just drove off. It was after a soccer game, so I didn’t think it was appropriate.”

Whitfield explained why she finally told the children. “I was worried about the image of their dad and I protected this man for all of this time. “But he didn’t protect me.”

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Cynthia Bailey‘s new boyfriend got a third-degree grilling from Kandi Burruss and husband Todd Tucker. The foursome headed out on a chartered boat when Tucker brought up Will Jones’ sleazy reputation.
“I appreciate y’all coming out,” Jones told the couple. “Yeah, it’s a little weird,” Tucker replied.

“I see you looking at me with them cat eyes,” Jones said to Burruss as she brought up his questionable past. “You’ve been on the Steve Harvey show, you shot a pilot for a dating show,” she said.

“I never accepted being on that show. I’m not an opportunist,” Jones said, trying to defend himself.

Bailey (who had seen her ex-husband, Peter Bailey on the show too) told the Burruss couple that she and Jones had not had sex yet. “What if there’s no sexual chemistry?” she worried.

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The screen then flashed to Kenya Moore, who refused to have her new husbamd star in the show. She told Bailey and Burruss that they both recent attended her grandmother’s funeral, and it was “not easy” to deal with such a heavy topic so early in their relationship.

On another note, Williams finally admitted she needed a new man, and even resorted to seeking two matchmakers. “Being a vegan has definitely made me horny. I’m having wild thoughts about eggplants and cucumbers. A wild veggie orgy,” she said.

The matchmakers set her up on a dinner date, but when as soon as she walked into the restaurant and saw a large bald man, she immediately turned around. Eventually, she reluctantly walked over to the table.

Her date, Patrick, told her she was the first woman he’d gone out with via the matchmakers. “You totally hit the jackpot,” he said, after which Williams made an excuse to leave, claiming her mom was in town.

They took a Sake bomb together, and the man told Williams, “Maybe you’ll loosen up a little over there.” That was the last straw for. “I think that’s it for tonight,” said Williams before getting up to leve.

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FIRED! Kenya Getting Kicked Off ‘RHOA’ After Secret Marriage Scandal

Kenya Moore Getting Fired RHOA

Bye, Kenya!

Kenya Moore was going to be fired at the end of the Real Housewives of Atlanta season after she was fined $25,000 by producers for her shady secret marriage exclusively learned.

“Kenya is not going to have her contract renewed at the end of the season,” a production insider told Radar. “The producers are not looking to pick up her option.”

Moore’s surprise wedding to New York based restauranteur Marc Daly and her refusal to have him on the show burned her chances of returning for another season.

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“No one thinks Kenya has ever told the truth of her personal life. There is nothing going on. Normal people got married, had children and shared it all with producers on the show.”

“This is Bravo’s #1 show and the producers don’t have access to the story,” the snitch told Radar. “That doesn’t work.”

Moore rejected producers’ efforts to film her post-married life.

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Kenya told us she didn’t tell her Dad that she got married. But she wouldn’t do it on camera. All she would give us was one scene where she spoke on the phone to her dad and we filmed it way later. It wasn’t really when she told him. She just refused to do anything with him about it and we have deadlines to meet. So, since we couldn’t have anything but the car scene in there she lost half and episode’s pay, which was $25,000.”

Producers were then so furious with Moore that they banned her from the group trip to Spain.

“She got taken off the Spain trip the day before the ladies were leaving,” the insider spilled to Radar. . She doesn’t get paid for the two episodes for the trip. So, she missed out on $100,000 and they fined her $25,000 for the filming with her dad.”

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The show insider told Radar that producers had grown tired of Moore’s antics.

“It has been a lot of things over the years that they haven’t been too happy about it. Unless something compelling changes (and they think the IVF efforts are only for a storyline) she is not coming back at the end of the season.”

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NeNe & Porsha Scream At Each Other In Most Explosive Catfight Yet!

NeNe Leakes and Porsha Williamsepic fight continued on this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, with the two ladies screaming at each other during their disastrous girls’ trip dinner!

You deserve some discipline for what you did to Kandi,” Leakes screamed at Williams, who shouted back: “F**k you! You shouldn’t even be here!”

Leakes responded: “You shouldn’t either b*tch. You f**ked Kandi over. She had your back b*tch. You f**ked her over. She had your mother**king back b*tch. You sit on that show and lie every day with your lying a**. The door is closed.”

Williams was in tears over the fight, as Sheree Whitfield tried to comfort her. “I feel bad for her. She has no one else and it is my trip,” Whtifield said. “So, I wanted everybody to feel comfortable.”

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Cried Williams: “We at dinner, the whole table leaves with the woman that is coming at me. I’m nobody’s victim but this breaks me down. Who the f**k is perfect at this table?”

Back in her room, Leakes tried to justify what she said on Watch What Happens Live that offended Williams so much. “A caller called in and they asked me for my opinion who would I get rid of and I said freak and fraud. Those are the two that I would get rid of right away. She’s making it out like I made a scene going all out saying fire Porsha.”

Williams told Whitfield that she wasn’t going to apologize to Leakes. “She’s done sh*t to everyone at the table. I’m not kissing her a**. I’m not.”

Kandi Burruss made it clear that she was Team Leakes during the fight. “Nothing is ever going to make me like her again.”

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The next day the ladies went sightseeing together and Whitfield’s imprisoned boyfriend came up.

Leakes dropped a bombshell about Tyrone Gilliams saying, “I met him before she did. He’s a con artist.”

“Did he con you?” Burruss asked Leakes. “Absolutely not, I’m smarter than that,” she replied.

Whitfield, Williams and Marlo Hampton were shopping when they came up with the idea of throwing a “ghetto fabulous” surprise wedding for Kenya Moore, whose husband was still a stranger to the group.

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They even had a groom – a “Flat Marc” paper cutout of a man.

The ladies were worried Moore would be upset, but she was a great sport about the “wedding.”

When I saw the groom and that was supposed to be my husband, I’m just going to go with it because it’s making me smile because it is so stupid.”

Leakes was the preacher, reading the vows “Through richness and richness. Through restaurants and restaurants,” and Moore said: “I do,” to her cardboard man that Williams dropped on the floor.

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After the fun ceremony, Williams pulled Burruss aside to say she was sorry for her part in the Phaedra Parks drugging/rape scandal.

“I know that you’re not really feeling me like that now. I apologize again to you. I know it’s a situation where you were hurt.”

A stone-faced Burruss had no time for Williams. “I want to be able to have a good time with me and my girls,” she said.

The group headed to Napa Valley the next day for wine tasting and Moore told Williams about how she had changed since meeting her husband.

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“My husband likes me smaller because he likes me toned. He hates me wearing makeup. He loves strong women and successful women, he doesn’t have a problem with that. You cannot be an alpha woman at home.”

Whitfield revealed more about her boyfriend. “I do like somebody, but he’s incarcerated. When he was out, we had a great run, it was fun,” she said.

Leakes had a different take. “He’s going to come out tricking, tricking the stocks like when he went in.”

As Whitfield described the man’s crimes, Leakes ripped into him. “Being a con artist is being a con artist, there is no way you can put a cherry on top of them. He in prison.”

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After some fun stomping of the grapes the ladies had a fabulous dinner at the vineyard with John Legend’s wine – until Leakes threw serious shade at Kim Zolciak.

“I know this wine is good and all but I don’t think I’ll be going on social media asking who can I blow for a case of it.”

During dinner Burruss revealed that when she was shooting the cover of Essence magazine, she and her husband, Todd Tucker, drove by Moore’s husband’s restaurant. Moore had left the trip earlier in the evening and the women gossiped about her controversial marriage while she wasn’t there to defend herself.

“Let,s play a game. Raise your hand if you believe Kenya is really married,” Hampton said and only Burruss raised her hand. The insult was too much for Cynthia Bailey, who left the table in tears.

“I just think she’s finally happy, it is what it is. We should just leave her alone. I just don’t want them to make fun of her in front of me. I’m not going to pretend that Kenya’s situation is normal. But as a friend I’m going to respect her process.”

Bailey admitted that she was hurt not to be invited to the secret wedding. “The whole situation is very upsetting to me. I cannot force Kenya to do something she doesn’t want to do.”

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