NYC Bomber Charged With Criminal Possession Of Weapon, Supporting Act Of Terrorism

The NYC bomber responsible for Monday’s Port Authority attack, Allah Akayed, has just been charged with criminal possession of a weapon, supporting an act of terrorism and making a terroristic threat. While all are state charges, federal terrorism offenses are expected to come later today.

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As previously reported, the 27-year-old Brooklyn resident admitted to his crime while under questioning by police. He said he was inspired by ISIS propaganda, and learned how to make the explosive device from watching videos online.

He also claimed that he set off his homemade pipe bomb in the 42nd street subway tunnel as “revenge” for the treatment of Muslims, after he saw Christmas posters all over the walls of the station.

He is currently under custody, at Bellevue Hospital, as he’s being treated for his severe injuries.

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Fame-Hungry Sean Spicer Writes Tell-All Book After Trump Scandal

President Donald Trump‘s former press secretary, Sean Spicer, has published his tell-all book following his political scandal – but is he doing it all for fame?

As exclusively reported earlier this month, the ex-politician is ready to do anything to make his comeback into the spotlight – even if that means pitching himself as a Hollywood star!

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In his new book, The Briefing, “Sean Spicer takes readers behind the scenes of his turbulent tenure as President Trump’s press secretary, shedding new light on the headline-grabbing controversies of the Trump administration’s first year.”

While Spicer, 46, may have gained fame from his notorious involvement in Trump’s 2016 election scandal, he truly went viral when comedian Melissa McCarthy mocked him on Saturday Night Live. After leaving his White House post, he was offered to appear on Dancing With The Stars –  which he turned down – and later made a bizarre appearance at the Emmys!

A source told Radar that Spicer is working hard to lose weight, get in shape and reboot his image to make himself into the Hollywood icon he wants to be.

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“Sean is running twice a day and drinking juice smoothies to shave off the pounds so he will be more camera ready in his comeback. He’s also selectively sampling the Hollywood nightlife and getting to know the town better as a potential full time base of operations,” said the insider.

“He’s serious about some kind of career in Hollywood, and points to folks like George Stephanopoulos and Diane Sawyer as people who have made the same transition from the White House to big media,” added the source.

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Barbara SLAMS Jenelle Over Explosive 9-1-1 Call: ‘I Did NOT Hit Jace!’

Jenelle Evans Mom Barbara Evans Did Not Hit Son Jace

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans lied to police when she told them her mother was hitting her son, Barbara Evans claimed in an exclusive bombshell interview with

The 25-year-old MTV star called 9-1-1 on her mother on November 30, 2017, claiming that her son, Jace Evans, was screaming and crying and saying his grandmother was hitting him.

Barbara told Radar she was shocked when the authorities arrived at her house and the police asked the little boy: “Did your grandmother hit you?” and he told them: “No, my grandmother did not hit me.”

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In the frantic 9-1-1 call obtained by Radar, Jenelle told the operator the opposite. “My son called me crying his eyes out and saying that my mother is actually hitting him and he’s huffing and puffing he can’t breathe,” she said on the recording.

Barbara claims the truth behind Jace’s hysterics had to do with his ADHD.

“Jace had been having a meltdown. He has ADHD and his medication was starting to wear off. He was just so upset, throwing toys at me and kicking the walls.

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“By the time the police came he was calm. I told them he’s having a meltdown. His ADHD medicine wears off at night. I showed them the medicine and told them this is starting to kick in.”

Barbara told Radar the cops sympathized with her. “The officer said to me ‘This is just another thing with Jenelle and her drama. She is just trying to get ratings up for MTV.’ They know what she is all about.”

Barbara told Radar why she revealed the little boy’s diagnosis, despite receiving a cease and desist letter from her daughter. “I want people to know that Jace has ADHA. Anyone who has a child who has ADHD knows exactly where I’m coming from. They know how bad it can be.”

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Barbara placed the blame squarely on her daughter. “If she would put him first it would solve the problems. I put him first. Jenelle refuses to go to therapy with us and until she goes and works with me and the therapist he’s in trouble.”

Barbara warned her daughter that her son needed more from her.

“Jenelle needs to start parenting. I tell her these things and she doesn’t believe it.”

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She told Radar how she really felt about her grandson. “I’m worried to death.”

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Kim K & Kanye’s Former Bel-Air Home In Danger Of Burning Down Amid California Chaos!

Kim K & Kanye’s Former Bel-Air Home In Danger Of Burning Down Amid California Chaos!

Taylor Swift Smooches Boyfriend Joe Alwyn In Public & Fans Are Freaking Out!

TBT! Kylie Jenner Posts Skinny Pics From Former Shoot Amid Pregnancy!

Teri Garr Says Gene Wilder ‘Was A Jerk’

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Maci’s Nightmare! Baby Daddy Ryan Edwards Admits He Abused Heroin

maci bookout baby daddy ryan edwards heroin confession teen mom og

Ryan Edwards fell asleep at the wheel while high on Xanax on the season finale, but his drug addiction was more serious than viewers knew. Maci Bookout’s baby daddy revealed on Teen Mom OG that his drug of choice was heroin.

On this week’s episode, Bookout refused to let Edwards have time with their son Bentley after his rehab stint unless he passes a drug test.

“Given the events of the last several months, it’s going to be necessary for me to ensure Bentley is not put at risk,” Bookout texted Edwards. “I’m going to need you to pass a drug screening, hair and urine, at my expense immediately prior to you taking him for a visit.”

She then vented to a friend, “No response since then. Bentley has asked me three times when he can go back and it’s killing me because it’s killing him. It shouldn’t be this hard. You’re dying to see your son then do what you have to do!”

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Edwards’ dad Larry then explained how grateful he was that his son checked into rehab.

“I knew he was going to be okay,” he said. “I knew I wasn’t going to get a call and someone tell me that I needed to come to the hospital. That’s scary. We knew there was something going on. But anytime we confronted him there was an argument and he would leave.”

He then explained how his son’s triggers are when his mother is upset and when Bentley is being “used.”

Later in the episode, Edwards called his lawyer to see if Bookout keeping Bentley from him is legal. He then admitted that his drug of choice was heroin.

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“She’s going to hide behind his rehab and substance abuse to justify no contact,” his lawyer explained. “I’m hoping you could pass a drug screen and you’ll be able to continue to pass drug screens. I never saw the judge create parenting time for someone who struggled to pass drug screens.”

Also on the episode, Amber Portwood and Matt Baier head to Marriage Bootcamp to fix their relationship.

“I do love him and we’ve had some great times together,” she explained. “There is a part of me that wants to work it out because I have spent three years with him. There is a part of me that’s like, ‘He’s never going to really change.’ Now I’m torn. I feel like it’s his turn to really show me his true intentions.”

But when she returned, she admitted that they had split. Although she explained that he’s not accepting the relationship is over, he moved to Las Vegas.

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“To be honest, something good came out of it,” she said. “All of the drama and fighting and wondering what’s next is gone. I get home and I feel different. I can talk to anyone I want to!”

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra launched their children’s clothing line Tierra Reign. But because of how many users tried to enter the site, it crashed and remained down for an entire day.

“They got us a bigger server and now everything is running good,” Baltierra explained.

The couple received around 50 orders in only one week.

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As for Farrah Abraham, she is leaving her daughter Sophia with her father Michael and his girlfriend for a month while she films in Europe.

Her estranged mother Debra said of the arrangement, “I’m kind of sad I’m not there to take care of her. It’s hard to get used to that.”

Abraham was upset too, as she broke down because of the family feud.

Teen Mom OG airs Mondays at 9/8c on MTV.

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Baby For Younes! Kourtney Drops Pregnancy BOMBSHELL On Boytoy Bendjima

Kourtney Kardashian is desperate to keep up with her baby-popping sisters! has exclusively learned that the 39-year-old Keeping up with the Kardashians star – who has openly admitted to wanting a fourth child on numerous episodes this season – wants it to happen “soon!”

“Kourtney is going to wait until her sisters are all done having their babies to get pregnant,” an insider said.

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“She talked about this with Younes and he is definitely down to try for a baby! He knows that if he gets Kourtney pregnant he will be set for life. And he gets to have a kid!”

As fans know, the proud mother of Mason, 7, Penelope, 5, and 2-year-old Reign initially wanted all of her kids to have the same dad, which is her boozy ex, Scott Disick!

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“Kourtney used to want to have all of her kids to have the same father and she was adamant about that,” the insider told Radar. “But sister Kim’s surrogate experience caused her to start to think about it differently and she has become more open to other ideas regarding how to have another kid.”

And it isn’t just a family that Kardashian is trying to lock Bendjima into – it’s joint business ventures as well!

On Dec. 4, Kardashian contacted an L.A. realtor to inquire about seeing a couple of properties so that her man could open his own restaurant!

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“Kourtney wants this guy to have a real business going instead of relying on just modeling. The place will serve Algerian food and she plans to trot all the Kardashian clan in there to make it the hot new thing when it opens,” a source previously revealed.

Do you think that Kourtney Kardashian should have a baby with Younes Bendjima? Tell us your thoughts below.

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NYC Bomber Set Off Explosion As ‘Revenge’ After Seeing Holiday Posters In The Subway

Allah Akayed, the 27-year-old man responsible for the New York City bombing this Monday, has confessed to his crime, and claimed he was inspired by ISIS propaganda.

As has learned, the former taxi driver told investigators that he learned how to make the homemade pipe bomb from watching videos online. The explosive device reportedly contained christmas lights, sugar, a battery pack and various other household items. It was tied to his body with wires and velcro, and his cellphone was allegedly in charge of triggering it.

The bomb went off inside NYC’s Port Authority Terminal at around 7:20 am. While authorities believed Akayed had detonated the device prematurely, he has now admitted, according to Daily Mail, that he set it off on purpose, after seeing Christmas posters on the walls of the subway tunnel. He claimed that with is attack he was seeking to get revenge for violence against Muslims all over the world.

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Akayed allegedly added that President Donald Trump‘s recent decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, was also a reason behind his attack.

As Daily Mail reported, The Bangladeshi immigrant clarified that he was specifically inspired by ISIS, “not Al Qaeda.” While authorities still have him under custody, they claimed that they are extremely glad his plan did not work to its full effect – if it had, there would certainly have been loss of life.

After hearing of the attack, Akayed’s family claimed they were “outraged” by the allegations made against him as well as by the treatment they had personally received since the attack. His Brooklyn neighbors, however, claimed he was not a friendly person, adding that they had heard commotion coming from his apartment over the past two nights.

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The bomber is currently being treated for his severe injuries at Bellevue Hospital, he is expected to survive and will remain under custody until further interrogation.

“This was an attempted terror attack and thank God the perpetrator did not achieve his ultimate goals,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio after the horrific incident.

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