Barbara SLAMS Jenelle Over Explosive 9-1-1 Call: ‘I Did NOT Hit Jace!’

Jenelle Evans Mom Barbara Evans Did Not Hit Son Jace

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans lied to police when she told them her mother was hitting her son, Barbara Evans claimed in an exclusive bombshell interview with

The 25-year-old MTV star called 9-1-1 on her mother on November 30, 2017, claiming that her son, Jace Evans, was screaming and crying and saying his grandmother was hitting him.

Barbara told Radar she was shocked when the authorities arrived at her house and the police asked the little boy: “Did your grandmother hit you?” and he told them: “No, my grandmother did not hit me.”

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In the frantic 9-1-1 call obtained by Radar, Jenelle told the operator the opposite. “My son called me crying his eyes out and saying that my mother is actually hitting him and he’s huffing and puffing he can’t breathe,” she said on the recording.

Barbara claims the truth behind Jace’s hysterics had to do with his ADHD.

“Jace had been having a meltdown. He has ADHD and his medication was starting to wear off. He was just so upset, throwing toys at me and kicking the walls.

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“By the time the police came he was calm. I told them he’s having a meltdown. His ADHD medicine wears off at night. I showed them the medicine and told them this is starting to kick in.”

Barbara told Radar the cops sympathized with her. “The officer said to me ‘This is just another thing with Jenelle and her drama. She is just trying to get ratings up for MTV.’ They know what she is all about.”

Barbara told Radar why she revealed the little boy’s diagnosis, despite receiving a cease and desist letter from her daughter. “I want people to know that Jace has ADHA. Anyone who has a child who has ADHD knows exactly where I’m coming from. They know how bad it can be.”

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Barbara placed the blame squarely on her daughter. “If she would put him first it would solve the problems. I put him first. Jenelle refuses to go to therapy with us and until she goes and works with me and the therapist he’s in trouble.”

Barbara warned her daughter that her son needed more from her.

“Jenelle needs to start parenting. I tell her these things and she doesn’t believe it.”

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She told Radar how she really felt about her grandson. “I’m worried to death.”

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Kim K & Kanye’s Former Bel-Air Home In Danger Of Burning Down Amid California Chaos!

Kim K & Kanye’s Former Bel-Air Home In Danger Of Burning Down Amid California Chaos!

Taylor Swift Smooches Boyfriend Joe Alwyn In Public & Fans Are Freaking Out!

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Busted! Brittany Dumps Jax After He Admits He Cheated On Her With Faith

Some people never learn! The most recent episode of Vanderpump Rules began with Brittany Cartwright telling Jax Taylor that she would “punch him in his f**king fake nose,” if he really did cheat on her. To fans’ surprise, the explosive feud ended with her dropping a major bombshell about the status of their relationship.

The group ratted out Taylor, telling his livid girlfriend that he had, in fact, had sex with Faith Stowers at Sheana Marie‘s birthday party.

“He was telling me that he was leaving her, that he was done,” Stowers said before storming away at the party.

“I just don’t know what to believe,” Cartwright wailed while Lisa Vanderpump called Taylor out. “I never believe with anything that starts with ‘I heard,’ because invariably it isn’t true. But when it comes to Jax Taylor, invariably it is.”

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Stowers then told James Kennedy that her period was late and that she could be pregnant.

Taylor was adamant that he “never cheated on Brittany,” who was crushed by the accusation. “I really liked knowing I was the one that changed Jax Taylor,” she said. “If this is true I’m going to punch him in his f**king fake nose.”

Cartwright popped over to her visit neighbors Katie Maloney and Tom Schwarz, revealing to them the drama from the party. “I’m so embarrassed. If he’s going to do it with Faith, someone that I know, who else would he do it with?” she said.

“I’ve always had gut feelings that he’s done stuff. I’ve been home and there are fake eyelashes on the counter!” she told Maloney, adding that she was heading out of town to party with her friend Cara in Vegas.

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Before she could leave, however, Taylor showed up and let her look at his text messages with Stowers.

“You guys f**ked! I hate you I hate you. You don’t deserve me. You f**ked another girl and f**ked up everything. I’m done. I f**king hate you,” she screamed at him.

A tearful Cartwright confronted Taylor when they were both back in their own apartment. “Tell me the truth. You did have sex with her,” she yelled and Taylor shockingly said “Yes.”

“At least you can finally f**king admit it,” she said.

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Taylor copped to the sex with Stowers quickly. “This isn’t the first time I’ve been caught cheating,” he confessed.

Cartwright was inconsolable. “I would never do that to you.”

She called her mom on the phone crying, and told her what happened. “He cheated on me and he just admitted. I hate him. I should have known better.”

“I seriously thought I was marrying Jax,” she said. “I wanted it so bad. But the thought of it just makes me want to cry. You don’t treat somebody like this if you love them. So obviously he doesn’t love me.”

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After Cartwright returned from her trip to Vegas she headed back to work at Sur, and so did Taylor.

Vanderpump comforted her during her shift. “There’s only one a**hole in this situation. I hope Brittany has the strength to make the right choices and not get sucked into Jax Taylor’s bullsh*t.”

Cartwright then dropped a major bombshell to Sheana Marie and Ariana Madix.

“I did something really stupid today. We had sex. I know I shouldn’t have done that. I just wanted affection I guess. I wish so bad that I could stop loving him, but I can’t. I just don’t know what I’m doing.”

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She admitted that she was struggling with his cheating. “I go through different feelings. It just doesn’t seem real. I broke up with him before he even admitted it.”

But she said she didn’t get wild in Vegas after she dropped him. “I’m not like Jax, who can just f**k someone that easily.”

Stassi Schroeder was the only other cast member to get significant time on VPR. She asked Vanderpump to let her be an event planner at Sur, and she agreed. Schroeder also had a romantic dinner with her boyfriend Patrick Meagher where she gushed about their relationship.

“I’m worried about getting back together with Patrick. It’s f**king hard. And I’m willing to fight for that.”

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Pregnant Khloe Can’t Stand Baby Daddy Tristan Thompson’s ‘Immature’ Friends

Pregnant Khloe Kardashian is “fed-up” with Tristan Thompson‘s rowdy friends, can exclusively reveal.

The 33-year-old reality star — who has the “baby blues” due to mood swings and lack of sleep — is losing patience with her NBA player boyfriend’s pals and their antics.

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A source revealed: “Tristan and his friends stay up late into the night playing video games and generally causing chaos, and Khloe can’t stand it.”

“Their Cleveland place is on the smaller side, and she can hear everything and can’t get to sleep.

“She finds their behavior completely immature and selfish, and she’s not afraid to tell Tristan that, either.”

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To make matters worse, Kardashian has been suffering from serious morning sickness during her pregnancy. previously revealed that the mom-to-be was desperate to marry Thompson, 26, before she gives birth to their child.

The couple is expecting a baby boy in 2018.

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Show Me The Money! Shannon Demands David Dish Over $25k In Attorney Fees

Shannon Beador has gotten everything she wanted from her cheating ex-husband David in their nasty divorce case, but has learned exclusively the Real Housewives of Orange County star isn’t done taking what she claims to be rightfully hers!

Shannon, 53, is requesting a whopping $25,000 from David, 54, to cover her attorney’s fees, according to a new filing obtained exclusively by Radar.


The bombshell request comes just hours after Radar reported exclusively that Shannon — who filed papers requesting spousal support and full custody of their teen daughters Sophie, 16, and twins Stella and Adaline, 13 — is getting everything she wanted.

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“David agreed to give her exactly what she wanted because he just wants this to be done and they both want to make this as easy as possible on their kids,” a friend of the Beador’s revealed.

But Shannon isn’t done! “I am requesting that the Court award me $25,000 as and for an initial contributory share of my attorney’s fees, expert fees, and other costs,” Shannon notes in the court docs filed on December 4, 2017.

Shannon alleges her ex is far more than capable of meeting her demand. “David has far greater access to funds to pay attorney fees, and the amount of the award for which request is made is modest relative to David’s income.”

“David earns more that five times what I earn,” she claims.

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The docs note the fees and costs can be paid through the “respondents earnings,” which, according to the papers, is a total of “$1,794,315 year-to-date through 10/31/2017.”

But David claims the income estimate listed is overstated, and therefore Shannon will “hire a forensic accountant to assist me in evaluating David’s claim in this regard.”

As readers know, Shannon finally decided to leave David — who had an eight-month affair on Shannon in 2015 with a married family friend — after they were unable to work out their issues on this past season of the hit reality series.

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